Data Science – Fall 2016

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MIS 0855 – Thank you!

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I would like to sincerely thank you for your hard work and contribution to my class. This semester was one of the best thanks to all of you! I very much appreciate it.

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Once again, thank you, and I wish the best of luck in your continued studies, career, and future endeavors.

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Week 13 – Data Science and Your Career – class slides and videos

Week 13 – Your Career (color).pdf

Week 13 – Your Career (bw).pdf

Firms Replacing Derivatives Traders with Algorithms – Bloomberg (

Robot Journalists – The Daily Show (

Self-Driving Truck Makes First Shipment – CNNMoney (

Technology Kills Middle Class Jobs – AP (

Week 11 – Predictive Analytics – class slides and videos

Week 11 – Predictive Analytics (color).pdf

Week 11 – Predictive Analytics (bw).pdf

JPMorgan Algorithm Knows You’re a Rogue Employee – Bloomberg (

Predicting Performance from Psychometric Profiles – Hudson Global (

Predictive Policing – NBC News (

Retailers’ Predictions – The New York Times (

Week 08 – Dirty Data – class slides and videos

Week 08 – Dirty Data (color).pdf

Week 08 – Dirty Data (bw).pdf

Data’s Credibity Problem – HBR (

Austerity’s Spreadsheet Error – Colbert Report (

JP Morgan London Whale Swallows $2B – CBS (

London Whale the Result of an Error Using Excel – Business Insider (

Sources of Dirty Data – YouTube (