MIS 2101.001 – Adam Alalouf – Fall 2016

Learn IT! #1

This is a two part assignment. In this part of the assignment you will set up a profile on the e-Portfolio site, create an e-Portfolio and configure Google Analytics to collect information about visitors visiting their site.

Learn IT! #1 – Digital Identity Management – Only Complete parts 1-4.

*** Remember, no late assignments will be accepted!


2 Responses to Learn IT! #1

  • Dear Professor Alalouf,
    My name is Hang Nguyen, your student in MIS 2101 Fall 2016. During doing part 1 of ‘Learn It! #1’ assignment, I had problem to fill my Linkin e-portfolio . Your set-up to fill e-portfolio in choosing sections, but I could not see any section when I clicked arrow. Would you please give me guidance to finish my first part of the assignment?
    I’m looking forward your information. Please contact me at my email account tuf97787@temple.edu.
    Hang Nguyen

    • There is a temporary issue with the community site and students have reported problems uploading images. This issue is pending resolution. I sent out an email to let you know that there will be an extension and that Learn IT 1 will now be due on 9/23/16 at midnight. Thank you for your patience as the department figures out the issue and continue to work on the assignment by following the instructions when the issue is resolved.

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