Information Systems in Organizations

MIS 2101.401 – Jonathan Latko – Fall 2016

To Do

  1. Learn IT 5 due Sunday.
  2. Fill out Student Feedback forms:
  3. Swimlane/ERD Take Home Practice – Bring to review session completed customer-complaints-by-kenneth-woodring
  4. Final (pre-final exam) grades will be posted next week.
  5. Review session during the final class – not required to attend but recommended.
  6. Final Exam Thursday 12/15 5:45-7pm  (50 minute final) bring a #2 pencil – 25 multiple choice questions

Idea Competition

Do you have an idea with the potential to turn into a business? The Innovative Idea Competition is the perfect first step to getting it off the ground! The competition is open to all Temple University students, faculty, staff and alumni and participation is easy–just click here and submit the six-question application!


Finalists will be notified on November 2 and be invited to pitch their ideas to potential investors at the Idea Competition Presentation & Awards Reception on November 10! You can RSVP here to attend the pitch event, where you’ll help choose the Crowd Favorite Award winner using real-time crowd voting technology!

Exam Review Session

Our next exam is approaching fast! Oct 27th during our regular Thursday class time.  If you want to some extra review prep consider this:

A review session for Exam #2 will be held on Monday, October 24th from 3:00-4:30 PM in Alter 603. It will be same format as last time – so bring questions! The review will be available on class capture for those who cannot attend sometime later that week.


Learn IT #4 _ Analytics Challenge


The Analytics Challenge opened Oct 1st.  It is now our Learn IT #4 Due Oct 28th which will be due before Learn IT#3. 

You will submit to OWLBOX and to the Competition for Credit. If you are a finalist you will get extra credit. Group work is permitted for this assignment but each student must be listed on the assignment. 

In addition there are prizes! ($12,000 total, with two $2500 grand prizes),  workshops and mentoring hours, and the companies involved in the challenge will be available to discuss. The site is:


It’s open to any student across the University but you must do this for LEARN IT!#4