MIS 2101.702 – Courtney Minich – Fall 2017

Weekly Question #4

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This week, we reviewed ERPs and Data Analytics.  In any organization, it is crucial to collect good data and have an integrated system that enables users to have one clear view of the data and customer.    Thinking about your major and your future careers in business – why is this important?  How could good data or bad data have an impact on your daily job?  

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  • As I said before, I am a marketing major. Marketing relies on clear, efficient, updated, good data constantly! It is important for everyone in the business to have a clear vision of what the market is doing on a daily basis, and an integrated system would provide that. Marketing of specific brands rely on good information about the targeted consumers. If they are using bad data, the brand could be marketed to the wrong customers and severely impact the business. If marketing targets the right consumers, based on reliable information, a company’s revenue would increase. Fluctuations in market data impact a marketing campaign’s direction and individual’s roles within the company, and they need up to date, good data. Everyone needs to be on the same page when creating a brand!

  • Marketing relies heavily on consumer, market, and competitor data so it is extremely important to have an integrated system for users to access, find, and share information. Markets and trends also fluctuate and change so it is important that companies have the proper up-to-date information they need to make decisions that will benefit their business. If a company is using bad data their marketing plan could be led in the wrong direction and they will ultimately fail to meet their marketing goals.

  • I am a business management major and I would like to get into sales management. Having correct data and being organized is very crucial in management because you are leading a team in performing a task. Management consists of the interlocking functions of creating corporate policy and organizing, planning, controlling, and directing an organization’s resources in order to achieve the objectives of that policy. If you as the leader has the wrong information, the whole team then has the wrong information, just like being organized. It is important to have an organized system so the customer is not confused which will hopefully result in the customer purchasing a product from your business.

  • Being an HR major bad data can have detrimental effects on my job. I have incorrect data about an employee, such as, their W-4 forms I would be making incorrect decisions. These decisions will affect things like how much they pay in taxes and other things like health insurance. Having good and accessible data would allow me to do my job efficiently and effectively.

  • I am a Business major and my ultimate goal is to work at the Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital. Data is a major part of any position at the hospital because each patient has an entire file of data for the various levels of personnel to use including the nurses, doctors, mental health staff, social workers etc – and we would all need to be pulling the data concurrently. If there is any bad data that would throw each department off kilter. It is imperative that the data be sound.

  • Bad data would have an immense impact on my career as an entrepreneur. Using bad data as a basis for creating a product would result in a loss of huge money and time. In addition, using the bad data will lower an investor’s faith in my team or worst case scenario, we will never work together in future product. Using good data in effect will generate a far more effective product marketed to the right people.

  • I’m an Accounting Major and having a clear view of all of your data is crucial to you as the accountant, auditor, etc and to your client as well. Most clients care most about the big picture and that means having a clear, accurate, and well-put together snapshot of their books so they can find the information they are looking for. Any bad data or bad formatting of data analytics would result in messy, hard to read books that would take up large amounts of time to figure out and make any sense of.

  • In clinical research everything is data and collected data which means someone is running a report from it, making decisions from it so making sure the systems we use and the people uploading the data are knowledgeable is very important. If you are screening a patient for a study and a test results comes back high however it was recorded as normal, this will put the study at risk because the drug that is being tested will not have the correct values and it would put the patient at risk because they didn’t met the criteria of the protocol. Other data captured is money coming in to cover the costs of the study. If the revenue is recorded incorrectly then an expense may be paid assuming the money is available however it wasn’t.

  • I am a Risk Management Major. After graduation I plan on selling business insurance. In order to be successful at selling business insurance you have to know every facet of the business you want to insure. Without accurate data of the business, you will not be able to create policies that insure every aspect of that business. Data is absolutely imperative to the insurance industry.

  • As an HR and Accounting student in the 21st century it is hard to think during my birth year the internet was only around 3 years old. Data and computer systems are so vital in today’s business world that reading articles about what was predicted to come from the internet is baffling. Having a computer system that fits with your company and demographic can completely change an organization by allowing your team to complete tasks faster and more efficiently. I remember when I was a camp counselor and my first year at the camp it was my job to sign kids in in the morning. We did not have a computer system so we had kids divided by age. When administration finally got around to an online database of names allowing me to easily log kids in and out it made all of the difference in the world.

    • (New answer, I wrote for the wrong week 🙂 ) As a student with an accounting minor, who has not yet graduated or taken too many courses towards the major, it is easy to tell what a huge difference good data makes compared to bad data. When filling out any of my statements online, if even one percentage of data is incorrect it could potentially throw off my entire income statement, stockholders equity chart etc. Also as a intern for a virtual HR company, being able to easily locate and retrieve data regarding each client is not only vital but it is what my entire internship relies on.

  • Bad data would mean that business decisions I made would not be accurate. Thus, a companies’ investments, or choices they made would be based on incorrect data and the bottom line would be negatively impacted. With good data, the choices that are made are informed choices. In marketing, bad data would mean that the marketing would not be effective. When it comes to any industry, good data helps one to make an informed strategic choice without it the company is basing all of their decisions on misinformation.

  • My major is business administration, and for those of you that don’t know I handle all permits, land development and zoning requests for a municipality. In my job I handle many plans, permits, applications, and property files. Throughout the permits I collect specific pages that are used by the county for data collection to better assess home values. I also have to collect data for amount of traffic on specific roads, which again can go and reflect assessed home value. Within the municipality there are different departments that handle the money, which is a very specific task considering the municipality can be audited at anytime. They use data to show what money came in when and why and what residents we’re bad at paying their bills.

  • Data is a huge asset, even the smallest companies generate data . It impacts businesses in many different ways, and will affect a person regardless of their position in the company. I am majoring in Risk Management and Insurance. If I am going to go into this field after graduation, then good data would be imperative to my success.

  • I think that data is important in every major, since it gives you details on a variety of topics. As an Accounting Major it is obvious that numbers are crucial for the general ledger, payroll, audits, taxes and so forth. Bad data will obviously compromise the quality of my work and decrease my reputation as a professional.

  • Data is extremely important in every business and industry. Good data will make a daily job much easier and it will cause any given task to be finished quickly, precisely and more accurately. Bad data, however, will cause an everyday job to be done incorrectly and it will also cause the job to take much longer to be completed because the task may have to be restarted and corrected before it can be completed.

  • When I think about my major, which is Marketing and Real Estate, I know that data will be very important in my field. When looking at market trends in the real estate industry, it is important that you are collecting accurate data so that you make accurate conclusions about the market. Good data will help a business succeed, while bad data can make your credibility as a business go down.

  • I am currently enrolled as an MIS major, so the benefits of good and accurate data mirror those mentioned in class. As for my career right now, collecting accurate data is essential because it saves lives. I work in the IT department for a construction company in a refinery. Refining is a dangerous business, but collecting accurate data on pressures in pipes and torque amounts can minimize the risk of fires/explosions/general incidents. Collecting and recording “good data” is crucial making sure that the job can be completed safely and smoothly.

  • As a marketing major it is important to keep track of your clients and campaigns. Having the right data in accessible places is important so that we know which tactics are working. Without keeping track of our data, we may waste valuable time and resources trying out poor strategies.

  • My major is Business Administration. Marketing and advertising are the the fields upon which I care to concentrate. Having improper data could have an astoundingly negative impact on an organization. It costs more funds to gain new customers than to retain those already had. Bad data could lead to offending current clients and/or customers, not to mention also be unappealing to individuals seen as potential customers. That would injure the company’s bottom line of profits and could led to a PR nightmare. Therefore maintaining proper data makes sound business sense.

  • I am enrolled as a Finance major so any business I try to work for will need to collect good data and have integrated systems for data. I will definitely benefit from this knowledge of ERPs and Data Analytics because Finance deals with a lot of numbers and having the right data collected together will be almost essential.

  • As mentioned in a previous weekly discussion, I work in Healthcare. Currently like many fields, healthcare has taken a strong focus on quality. The way know if we are providing good quality care to patients is now based on these “quality measures” the insurance companies set for us. The way we meet these measures is by submitting data via our EMR system to the insurance companies and they score and rank us against ourselves and our peers in the Healthcare field. The importance of the this data is crucial because if you submit data that isn’t correct you as a physician will rank low. Reimbursement will decline, patient satisfaction scores will go down and eventually you will end up out of practice because no one will want to go to you as a patient.

    As a regional manager my job is to analyze the data the quality team puts together for us and then go through it to make sure our providers know where they stand. What we find interesting is that as the Operations Team reviews this data against day to day operations, we’ve found the data to be wrong. For multiple reasons, but one of the main reasons has been that the field the information is being extracted from in the EMR is not the most appropriate. So we’ve managed to stop this information from going out the door on time to the insurance companies. I never thought I would be doing Data Analytics, but in this new role its very important especially to insure you keep your providers in business.

  • I’m majoring in Marketing. I think having good data is very important for a marketer, it makes marketing more efficient. Good data can deliver insight into not just who your customers are, but where they are, what they want, how they want to be contacted and when. Good data can help you discover what influences customer loyalty and what keeps them coming back again and again.With good data, you can determine the optimal marketing spend across multiple channels, as well as continuously optimize marketing programs through testing, measurement, and analysis.

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