MIS 2101.701 – Amy Lavin – Summer 2017

Weekly Question #6

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For this weekly question, I am mainly interested in your biggest takeaway from this class.  After spending the last 6 weeks learning about how you, as business professionals, will utilize technology in the workforce to be efficient and effective, what do you think is the most important aspect of technology in the workforce?  What key elements can you use to shape your future (or current) outlook?

30 Responses to Weekly Question #6

  • What do you think is the most important aspect of technology in the workforce?
    I think the most important aspect of technology in the workforce will be getting adjusted to this new Information and technology Age that we are currently in. In today’s world and business setting everything we do is computerized and technology based. That is why all business majors should be fluent in computer skills, as well as MIS to manage information on systems. These systems are crucial and key to a companies success. So companies need people like MIS majors or data/system analyst to help drive and organize there companies. Not only are companies looking to buy or build software, they need people that can efficiently run it and maintain it. If any problems arise the MIS/data/systems analyst job is to report the problems to management so that they can correct it. These key elements that I discussed above, I can use now and well after I graduate temple, because employers need people fluent and efficient in the computer, IT, and MIS world. This class helps at the very least to set the foundations for what employers will look for when hiring candidates. My efficiency in Databases such as Salesforce, and Google Analytics helps me stand out against other potential candidates. Even though, I am just a Business Management Major; not a full blown MIS major, the skills I learned here in this class will help me and my future endeavors in the Business World.

  • I think that the most important aspect of technology in the workforce is the fact that it is constantly changing and is changing more and more rapidly as time goes on. Every day, there are new technologies that are making previous ones obsolete. I think that this is a big concern for businesses because they are going to have to stay up to date with all of the newest technology. For example, a few years ago, not all storeowners had the ability to swipe your credit or debit card and you could only use cash. Recently, the “chip” was invented and businesses that had just gotten machines to swipe credit and debit cards now have to throw those away and get new ones that have the chip function. This is just one example of how technology is changing too quickly for some to keep up with.

  • I believe some of the most important aspects of technology in the workforce is how it enables us to do our jobs better overall. Primarily, I will focus on the topics of security and efficiency. In terms of security, MIS and technological advancement allows for information to be harder to access and breach. For example, I work at a wealth management firm and in order to access clients’ account information, one most have multiple log in credentials as well as a live fob that updates momentarily and each fob is linked specifically with a certain person. Without this information and fob, it is nearly impossible to breach information. Next, for efficiency, with tools and platforms like CRMs and SCM, we are able to better our relationships within the company and outside with our customers. Jobs can done quicker, more effectively, and allow us to overall form a stronger bond within and outside.

  • I think the most important aspect of technology in the workforce is the increasing demand placed on business employees and leaders to understand how to utilize it to improve performance. Those who do not understand how to leverage the technology available to their firms, for example, will now be at a huge disadvantage, and so will those who do not know how to communicate their needs in technological terms. So I think a key element to shape my future outlook will be to keep up with technological advances by reading relevant articles on the subject regularly, staying curious, and continuously decoding how these rapid changes may impact the industry I am in, and how to adopt these advances to stay ahead in my particular field.

  • I believe that the technology that will enable us to be most effective and efficient in our jobs in the business world are the ERP systems we learned about because with the advancement in technology that we are so used to today, we expect everything in a business to be connected and accurate up to the minute. It is no longer acceptable to experience delays in information in this day and age, so I think this will help us most in our jobs to be able to know, for instance, exactly who paid their bill or what inventory is available. In addition to that, the most important aspect of technology in the workforce moving forward will be artificial intelligence. Technology is constantly changing and becoming obsolete so I think in the future, technology that is as useful or more useful than a human will become the norm, and as we progress in our careers, it will become part of our daily interaction. For instance, we may utilize artificial intelligence as part of our own workforce or deal with it over the phone or internet when communicating with a client or another company.

  • After spending the last few weeks learning all about MIS, from the basics to the systems utilized, I believe that the most important tool for workplace efficiency is adaptability. In a tech-heavy world that is constantly changing, it is important to be able to grasp all new trends and apply them to your work place. In addition to adaptability, it is also important to be technologically savvy, not in the way that you are a pro at all things tech, but more-so where you must have a strong grasp of tech at an intermediate level. As tech trends progress and become more and more complex, it is important to have a strong foundational eduction in order to be progressive in today’s business world.

  • After spending the last few weeks learning about MIS. I found that its going to be important to keep up with the changing technology. Since new things come out every year that could help better a company. I also liked the learn it homework. I thought it was cool we could see that people were visiting out site and where they were both around the country and the world. Yes, I think that utilize technology in the workforce to be efficient and effective. Right now at my job we have a new technology to help clients find their correct shade of makeup, it takes the guessing work out of trying to match a client to a shade of foundation. I think everything that we learned with passed semester will help me both at my current job and in future ones as well.

  • After spending the last 6 weeks learning about how business professionals utilize technology in the workforce to be efficient and effective, I think the most important aspect is connectivity. There are so many different platforms, systems, applications, etc., and it is incredibly important that everything fits together. For example, as CRM and SCM systems are both crucial in increasing profits, it is important to implement both to increase revenues and reduce costs, while simplifying the process. With all of the different systems, it would be easy to focus on one and not the rest, but they are all important, and they all need to function together. Technology must be up-to-date and interconnected.

  • My biggest take away from the class is definitely the pieces with SCM and Artificial Intelligence. For starters it’s the part of the class that I struggled the most with so I would like to better myself and learn it even better. I will have a new found appreciation for the systems my work puts in place to make everything run more smoothly. It’s easy to take a CRM or ERP for granted. I will definitely also like to use swim lanes more. The key elements that I will take away are being prepared and doing your hardest. It’s a basic fundamental but one that’s easily forgotten. It’s the key to success.

  • My biggest takeaway from this class is the understanding of how technology is being used in the workforce, and how much technology’s role in the workforce and in society is going to continually grow throughout our lifetimes. I think the most important aspect of technology in the workplace can be with organization, as well as automating tedious tasks that a human would take hours doing, but a computer software can do in minutes. I can take the knowledge i gained about technology and its use in the workforce to help better prepare for any situation that may arise in business. I learned to have a more technological outlook in which I can make sure i don’t waste time or money on any business tasks that some sort of technology can do faster and more efficiently.

  • My biggest takeaway from this class is working on the Max Labs. I found them very interested and I learned so much. It came in handy. I am working as a Strategy Account Intern for Garfield Group and they have a similar software that Salesforce is the parent of. I got to impress my boss with my knowledge on Salesforce when I was asked to help with a campaign they are running and they wanted automated Thank You messages. That was a PLUS!

  • My biggest take away from the class would have to be understanding how a CRM system works. The current company i work at uses a CRM system; by taking this course I now understand the logistics of a CRM system and why/how it is so essential in a companies day-to-day business.

  • I’ve learned a lot in this class and I think the things that will stick with me the most are ERDs. I have never used an ERD before and I run my own business. When we first started out we were very unorganized, but the simple solution was to create and ERD and we have been making order after order with barely any mistakes at all. It was great information learning about this and I’m sure it will benefit me in the future with my business. You guys can check it out at http://www.thefitrelgion.com

  • I am really glade that MIS 2101 is a required course for my major. One of the most important course for any business or non-business major student. In today’s technology world, we need a course like this. Since today’s workforce has faced a complete shift in how we use our time. Now, we use less time and get more. Employee productivity have improved with more precision and creativity. With proper CRM system, our lives are easier, but employer expect more from employees.

  • I am very happy that I decided to take this course because I learned a lot about the many different systems within an established business. In addition, this course opened my eyes to the modern day use of technology in the workplace and how technology is becoming more and more essential for many businesses to operate efficiently and effectively. MIS also informed me on how the implementation of certain systems can drastically improve all the other aspects of a business. I feel as if the information I learned and took away from this course will help prepare me for any situation in regard to IT or MIS that may arise in my business career. This course showed me how certain decisions like implementing a system can optimize the overall operations of an organization by saving money and increasing revenue. The skills and basic foundation of knowledge I have acquired from taking this course will make me stand out amongst fellow individuals who don’t share the same understanding of how MIS works in a business.

  • I think the most important aspect of technology in the workforce is that it makes businesses run much smoother and more efficiently. This not only benefits the company, but also its consumers because it allows for an environment less prone to making mistakes such as not having enough inventory or having the wrong customer information. Some key elements that will be useful to me will be swim lane diagrams. As an accounting major, I will be dealing a lot with transactions from many different people and places which could ultimately be hard to keep track of. A swim lane diagram will help keep the entire process simple and organized so in the event of a problem it will be easily solved. Also, learning about SCM and CRM was really beneficial because it taught me how important is to be efficient and precise with what you are producing while at the same time maintaining good relationships with customers.

  • I think the ability to give your employees tools to become more efficient is the most important aspect that a company can take away from technology in the workplace. Giving your employees the ability to be the best version of themselves and incentivizing them to help you cut costs, allows you to grow as a company and stay ahead of your competition. I plan on using the knowledge acquired in the past 6 weeks along with my 6 years of sales experience to expand the array of jobs that I can pursue.

  • I believe the most important aspect of technology in the workplace is having an effective ERP system which will allow all departments to have the same current information. For example, even sometimes when you are calling a credit card company the customer service associate may not realize that you have made a payment because you may have made it on a Saturday and the transfer didn’t actually process yet. When it comes to other businesses the same problem can occur and a customers order can be denied because of it. When I was working for Barcol-Air, a HVAC manufacturer, we were delayed in getting materials one time because the metal company’s Accounting department never changed our balance to reflect our last payment. The next day the CEO of the company called back to apologize and send us the materials but it still put production at a halt for a day. It will be important to also keep up to date on other technology as well by reading consistently and keeping informed. I work at Home Depot and they have an app that will allow you to take a picture of your room(s) and then virtually put the item you are looking at purchasing on display. For instance, I can take a picture of my Living Room and see what it would look like with a new fan and couch. Technology is allowing many interesting things to happen and it will be important to keep updated on these changes pressing forward with my career.

  • In my opinion, the most important aspect of technology in the workforce is to get familiar with this modern technology. For the past generation, technological discoveries and developments seem to be introduced every week. Technology allows companies of all sizes to do business all over the world. As for business professionals, technology makes it possible to telecommute, work from virtual offices and interconnect with businesses and individuals across the globe. It’s a new step in a business world, where almost everything is possible. The world of technology became part of our lives and I don’t think that there will be a return to a traditional method of conducting business. I learned a lot in this class, about ERD, ERP, Data, SCM, CRM, Platform, and AI. It really opened my eyes into how business can utilize technology and be efficient in the business world. This class is important in any business major and I am glass I took this class.

  • I am happy to be in the class of MIS in this summer, the CRM system gave me a thoughtful stream to analyze the relationship between complex things. I am using Google Drive, Google Document, and Drop Box a lot in transfer and storage Documents very often currently. I believe the development of technology will benefit everyone in the future in the workforce.

  • This course has excited me about entering the workforce. I like to think of things in big ideas. I am analytically-minded, so I like to break things down and understand how things are related. This course has shown me that learning how to do things more efficiently by utilizing technology is an important field of expertise. I hadn’t thought much about MIS in the past because I thought it was basically the same thing as IT. Now, I understand that having someone who understands processes and relationships and how to incorporate technology to increase efficiency can have a huge impact on a business. I have already begun utilizing the knowledge that I gained in this class. At my internship, I was tasked with running a marketing campaign. My supervisor did not understand the entire process, so I had to figure it out on my own for the most part. I had to contact both a third-party manufacturer and fulfillment in order to get the campaign off the ground. Once I understood the process, I began creating a swim lane diagram which shows how to go from having an idea all the way to the client receiving the promotional item. This week I will finish the diagram and give it to my supervisor to be used as a future reference to save the company time and money. I also liked the discussion of AI, even though it is a bit scary.

  • I think the most important aspect of technology in the workplace is staying up to date with technology. Technology is constantly updating and improving in the workplace to make the task at hand easier and fast. Just from my experience alone I can see improvements over the past few years. In 2015 I had a tax season internship. During this internship a lot of the files I had to save and store onto my computer. If my boss would need a file I would have to send him the file via email. At my current internship we use a website called sharepoint. Sharepoint is a cloud service that lets you share files through. So for my internship my boss can just log into sharepoint and see what I posted.

  • The important aspect of technology is that it keeps advancing and changing every day. It is important to update the knowledge of technology because you can utilize technology in the business field. It is tough for many companies because they may have employees that do not like change or are not as quick to adapt to the changing technology as other people. So in a way, it becomes difficult to bring the technology into the workforce with efficiency. CRMs and SCMs can help build and maintain relationships with companies as well as customers. It creates a sort of process that everyone can follow and bring upon results.

  • After spending the last 6 weeks in this class, the biggest takeaway that I got in this class is to always try your best to keep the customer happy. While this may seem easy, there are many different components that go in to making a customer happy. Whether it be making sure that they got the right item, or keeping items readily available for customers. This utilizes every part of the business from CRM’s to Supply Chain Management, they are all equally as important as the rest in keeping the customer happy. A key element to making this outlook happen is to always be on top of yourself and to have a unified form of data.

  • My biggest takeaway from this class is my new understanding of the importance of organizing data and how it directly correlates with the success of your business. Management Information Systems are crucial to successful businesses since they put everyone in an organization on the same page. Technology in the workforce will continue to advance and new systems will be implemented to improve businesses. Without this class, I would not appreciate the importance of information systems and how technology is used to help companies in a variety of ways.

  • I think that my biggest takeaway from this class is just how much technology is influencing the business world. I have seen some of the changes in recent years, but as technology and globalization have grown dramatically in the last decade alone, I am understanding a bit more of the tools that are currently available to use these developments to increase efficiency and data within various functions in a company.
    While I understood how important technology was to the future of a company – I now know that having the knowledge as to what separates these technologies from each other is just as important. Before this class, I did not quite understand the details of the options available and how those variances could have such great impacts on the end product.

  • As an accountant I believe the most important aspect of technology in the workforce is data storage. The ability to store data on the cloud or server and have the ability to access the information in a few seconds helps streamline multiple business processes. The key element I can use is the ability to store data of for example future clients, I can store their data on a cloud service and access it from anywhere as long as I have internet connection. It allows me to have my office in almost anywhere in the world.

  • The most important aspect of technology in the workforce, I believe, is being able to adapt to the changing environment. The technology used in the workforce, from ERDs to CRMs, is incredibly useful to provide any business with the tools they need to be successful. However, this technology is constantly changing and advancing so if you are not adapting and keeping up to date with the new technology you will lose crucial opportunities to put you above your competitors.

  • The important aspect of technology in the workforce is to keep ourself up to date with the technologies. Technologies is part of our life that most of us can’t live without as it helps us to solve a lot of business problem and also bring us a lot of convenience. Having high adapting skills and also a fast learner to stay up to date with the constant growth and improvement of technologies increase the productivity and efficiency of the business.

  • What I took away from this course is that technology doesn’t essentially make money for businesses. Technology helps businesses become way more efficient and in the process money is saved and proper steps are taken for better investments. Having a efficient business with the right software, helps companies have closer relationships with customers as well as having a good idea of where recourses are in the loop of manufacturing.

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