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This is my article,, and I also wanted to show the article from a few weeks ago, both in regards to the Edward Snowden issue. Here are my questions:

1. Although Edward Snowden illegally leaked U.S documents, do you consider him a patriot or a criminal based on his intentions? Does he deserve a fair trial or should he be convicted under the Espionage Act?

2. How do you feel that the computer and satellite technology our government has today allows us to be monitored and essentially spied on at any given moment?

3. When Snowden brought this information to the NSA’s attention, he was told to “stop asking questions.” Do you think Snowden was the only person to know what he knows, or do you believe more “hackers” had this knowledge but were too afraid of the governmental repercussions to say anything?

Michael Palmisano II
Fox School of Business and Management

Hey is anyone else getting a SAP Server Error?


I have been trying to do the project but I keep getting an error every time I double click on anything. I have to restart every time.

1. Amazon has a personalization approach which leads to a continuing relationship between Amazon and its customers. How has Amazon’s personalization efforts made your shopping experience easier?

2. Amazon has made the buying process easier by implementing a “1-click purchase” strategy to eliminate as many barriers as possible in purchasing a product. One feature of the “1-click purchase” strategy is that it saves your credit card information and shipping information. Do you see this as an ethical issue (storing personal / private information) or do you see it as a benefit?

3. Give an example of how Amazon implements Collaborative CRM.

Discussion questions:

1. What precautions should IBM be taking, if any, to keep China’s banking systems on board with their information systems?

2.What kinds of consequences would banking institutions in China face if they were to withdraw from IBM’s information systems and invest in servers made by local brands?

3. As a consumer, would you prefer your bank to have advanced technology that may be vulnerable to information leaks, or high security controls?

1) In the United States, states spent on average about half of their budget on fixing road and expanding them. Can a technology this large and advanced be installed effectively and work as advertised.

2) They say in the article that the solar roadway is part of a “smart” system and can communicate with cloud-connected  vehicles such as Googles smart car. Does possible hacking of systems such as this worry you? is there a concern of hackers shutting down transportation nation wide if on a interconnect smart system?

3)once this system is implemented what are problems and issues when trying to maintain the systems functions.

1)   In United Sates, itself, every year 125,000 people with treatable aliments die due to the noncompliance of their doctors’ order.  What could have been done to solve this problem?

2)   Incorporating with technologies to improve health outcome often enhance satisfaction and compliance also increase income, and lower costs. What is the technologies being used?

3)   Certainly our health information every time we check out at the hospital or clinic have been experimented or used. So now the question is would you be okay with that?

1) What do you think about the idea of hacking, despite being considered a computer crime, being used as a platform to advocate or protest for the better good?

2) How does knowing that hacker groups like Anonymous have the ability to so easily infiltrate and disrupt websites/databases worldwide affect your internet usage or your overall perception of your online security?

3) Do you think we live in a time in which the damage that could be done by online hacking has surpassed physical protesting in terms of the power to influence society?

  1. Do you think there are ethical issues with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other company’s social media monitoring features?
  2. What benefits can an analytical CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Social Listening program provide to an organization?
  3. What are some of the drawbacks of using CRM system’s social media monitoring features?

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