Weekly Question #5: R

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Here is the question:

Do a little bit of research and come up with an example of how R is used. You can describe either a company using R and what they use it for, a news story about how companies are using it, or an interesting package that does some interesting functionality. Write one to three sentences on what you found and the URL where you found it.

(Hint: Just Google “companies using R” or “applications of R” or something like that. Examples aren’t too difficult to find)


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17 Responses to Weekly Question #5: R

    Companies such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc use R studio fr purposes of advertising and economic forecasting, big data visualization, and statistical analysis respectively and actually in their own right because as a scripting language, R studio proves to be a useful tool analyzing data

    Google uses R. The use of R gives Google the ability to see the effectiveness of advertising. Seeing just clicks on ads doesn’t give Google the full picture of whether or not ads are working. Purchases made weeks later after seeing an ad on Google is what R helps the determine.

  • AirBnB is a top tier company that uses R packages to scale data science. In small data science teams, individual contributors often write single functions, scripts, or templates to optimize their workflows. As the team grows within the company, different people develop their own tools to solve similar problems. The package is developed in an internal Github Enterprise repository. There, users can submit issues and suggest enhancements. As new code is submitted in a branch, it is peer reviewed by an Rbnb developers group. Once the changes are approved and documented, they are merged into the master codebase as a new version of the package.

    Uber is one of the top tire companies to use R. The R help the system to calculate some data about the map. It uses start-latitude, start_longitude, end_latitude, end_longitude, start address, and end address to calculate the total distance. It also help system to check out Uber users’ ID.

  • So… In class, as we all know, there was lots of moaning and groaning about the ease of use of R. Well good news (maybe?) is that R, specifically Revolution Analytics, the R-language and data crunching specialist, has been acquired by Microsoft in 2015! The main task of Microsoft is to make the data mining giant more user friendly and eventually monetize it. While the aptly named, Microsoft R (Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine), embraces the open source of the traditional, they are after all for profit company. R is currently being used by magnates such as Facebook, Twitter, Uber, AirBnB, IBM and Google for data analytics and there is lots of interest in the tech world to see what Microsoft has in mind for this new venture.


    The New York Times uses R for interactive features, data journalism, and data visualization. For example, they created a visualization to show Mariano Rivera’s baseball performance in comparison to other MLB pitchers’ performances. The graphic started as a hand-drawn sketch but then was created into a line-chart using R.


    Facebook uses the statistical tools in R to do something called “power analysis” in order to find out if it has enough relevant data and information for future studies about how users interact with the website. Using R is very helpful because it is something that any programmer uses, meaning hiring people is easy and implementing studies can be done right away.

    AirbnB uses R to scale data science. Instead of writing each R function individually, they have invested in RbnB to increase productivity by finding more patterns to use. Employees within the company develop their own packages to better visualize the data from AirbnB, such as showing the most popular cities for AirBnB’s.

  • Empirasign Strategies uses R to compute all their trading and risk management models and for some data munging tasks. They use it because of how it can handle all sorts of raw text, downloads from the interwebs (multiple libraries link directly to Yahoo Finance), and retrieve data from MySQL, et al. It has some libraries that make producing really slick graphics a breeze–most notably ggplot2. All that being said, R does not publish easily to the web. As a result, it is possible to pre-compute any R-based models and serve them statically.

  • From what is mentioned above, it is obvious that there is myriad of different companies who use R in their daily business events. It is more common than we can even realize. One of the top 16 companies who use R would be Twitter. They use it for data visualization (which is so central to their business platform) and for semantic clustering (which uses an algorithm to group people around the world according to similarities). I would say that Twitter is the number one social media platform that can connect the the opposite ends of the world in mere moments; and without R, that wouldn’t be possible.

  • The article I read talked about R being used to help people in the financial services sector. R is adaptable and able to change with the needs of the user so it is perfect to use for financial services. It is also able to easily calculate everything needed for financial services and makes everything fast. The article I read links to a 40 minute talk about how this is helping to change financial services today.

    The article I read talked about how R is used for government. Government is using R and Google map to tracking pollution of a city. Before new drugs are allowed in the market, the FDA works with pharmaceutical companies to verify safety and efficacy through clinical trials. And pharmaceutical companies are using R to analyze data from clinical trails.

  • Hi Everyone!

    R is a powerful tool due to the open source background that has allowed many programmers to add their expertise to the project. This accumulation of knowledge has allowed R to be used by top companies in order to analyze and display data in ways that weren’t easily processed prior to R. Many technology driven companies use this to analyze data in order to better serve their clients. This is unsurprising because of the computer science background of R. What I found quite interesting is that financial entities, such as American Century Investments and Lloyds of London, have found R to be quite useful in analyzing risk in companies and weather incidents. R isn’t only useful for businesses as incomplete data from warzones in Syria are analyzed by the Human Rights Data Analysis Group. R is a fantastic tool that is useful across many industries with a plethora of useful applications.


    It is interesting to see how many high tier companies use this software. It is shown how versatile R can be by doing many different types of calculations. They range from exploratory data analysis to xbox multiplayer matchmaking. R’s capabilities make it a necessity to any company that wants to have some sort of projection or risk analysis. Knowing this program will make me a more attractive candidate to possible employers.

  • is using R in conjunction with other analytics packages to personalize consumer marketing and make navigation through the site faster and easier. In particular, is using machine-learning to recognize and remove duplicate photos of the hotel premises from the site. A “cluster” of similar photos can be paired down to just one photo so that a customer does not have to view the same angle of a hotel room or amenity over and over.

  • Facebook uses R for behavior analysis for things like profile pictures or status updates. Studying their customers behavior can help in making other business decisions.

    Uber uses R for statistical analysis.The analysis took account of day-of-week effects, plus a term for the introduction of legal marijuana in Seattle (which increased DUIs). It also compared results to DUIs in a “control” city (San Francisco) to rule out other macro-level effects.(driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs)

    This article shared that during a presentation on Computational Finance in R at the University Of Washington, R was used to track stocks, mutual funds, and exchanged traded funds prices and returns.They also found out that R is way more reliable when dealing with finding future data of all those points

  • A lot of companies use R such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Uber and much more. These companies use it for behavior and statistical analytics, advertising, data visualization and credit risk.

  • Many companies use R such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Uber and much more. These companies use R for behavior and statistical analytics, advertising, data visualization and credit risk.

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