Prof Patrick J Wasson, MS

Week 6 Update

Hi Class,

To recap: last night we covered MySQL, interpreting an ERD, and writing SQL queries based on an ERD.  We also went through a number of exercises writing SQL queries.

Next week we will have the MySQL quiz, which will require you to write numerous SQL queries based on a database schema diagram I provide.  The format will be very similar to the exercises in that I will provide you with a starter .sql file which you will need to import into phpmyadmin.  You will then be asked to write a number of SQL queries using the ERD as a guide.  At the end of the exam you will then e-mail me the file containing your SQL queries.  To practice be sure to go through all of the readings, videos and exercises.  There may be some questions that ask for functions that we may not have directly covered in the exercises (Some examples could include: substr, like, datediff, str_to_date etc…), but you will be expected to perform with a working foundation knowledge of MySQL queries.

After the quiz we will will review the results and go over the solution for Exam 1.

Have a great week


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