Prof Patrick J Wasson, MS


MIS3501 Challenges will be posted here.

MIS3501 Challenges are to be completed by students on their own, outside of class time. Challenges may require students to look up and make uses of material in their textbook, or online resources such as W3Schools.

The student work (source code) for these challenges should be printed out, and turned in at the start of class on the date the challenge is due. Challenges are not graded, but are usually the primary determining factor in the students’ participation grade. (That is, if you do all the challenges, and turn them in, your participation grade will most likely be 100%.)

Challenges should be uploaded to the class server on or about the due date. The upload of challenges is not tracked / evaluated, but the upload process is an important skill for students to master.

1 Challenge: Challenge-1.docx Due: 1/25/2017
Start With:
2 Challenge:challenge_2_1.docx Due 2/1/2017
Solution: challenge_2_1_solution
3 Challenge:challenge_2_2 Due 2/8/2017
Start With:challenge_2_2
Solution: challenge_2_2_solution
4 Challenge:challenge_2_3 Due 2/8/2017
Start With:challenge_2_3
Solution challenge_2_3_solution
5 Challenge:challenge_4_1
Start With: challenge_4_1 Due 3/22/2017
6 Challenge: challenge_4_2 Due 3/29/2017
Start With: challenge_4_2
7 Challenge: challenge_5_1 Due 4/12/2017
Start With: challenge_5_1
Solution: challenge_5_1_solution
8 Challenge:challenge_7 Due 4/19/2017
Start With:challenge_7
9 Challenge:challenge_12 Due 4/19/2017
Start With:challenge_12