Pi Quiz due in class on Tuesday, September 4th

As a reminder, I will give a quiz at the start of class on Tuesday, September 4th.

I will give you about five minutes to write out the first 100 digits of Pi, from memory, on a sheet of paper. When time is up, you will turn in the paper to me. I will provide paper if you need it.

I will not make you clear your desk, but you will need to close your laptop and put your phone face down on the table or away in your bag or pocket.

I do not expect you to actually memorize the digits of Pi—I want you to cheat. How you choose to cheat is entirely up to you. However, I will be in the room to proctor the quiz. If you are caught cheating, you will fail the quiz. Collaborative cheating is also allowed, but everyone involved will fail the quiz if caught.

To provide additional incentive, I will offer a prize to the student who exhibits the most creative and effective cheating technique, as voted by the class.

The objective of the exercise is to learn how an adversary thinks and operates by deliberately loosening traditional academic rules and tapping personal creativity. To avoid any misunderstanding, this exception to the traditional ban on cheating only applies to this quiz and not to other graded assignments in the course. Cheating outside of this quiz will not be tolerated.”

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