MIS 3507: Defending Against Cybercrime

Lab 10: Network Security Monitoring and Security Onion

You can complete “Lab 10: Network Security Monitoring and Security Onion” for extra credit, so that your score for Lab 10 will replace your lowest lab score.

Note that Lab 10 is technical as it involves network traffic analysis. It is also long compared to the other labs. However, if you’re willing to put in the work, you will learn a lot about network security monitoring and incident response, both of which are very important for defending organizations.

You can download Lab 10 here.

Lab 8: Physical Security

Download the worksheet for Lab 8: Physical Security here.

Note: This lab can be completed in a group of up to four members. Turn in one document to Canvas with all group members’ names listed.

To earn full credit for this lab, complete 5 of the 13 options listed in the lab worksheet.