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Webinar, Data & Analytics Series: Reengineer Decisions to Drive Value by Prioritizing Data and Analytics


  1. Webinar hosted by Gartner, presented by Andrew White
  2. This webinar took place online at 10:00 AM on March 27th, 2023
  3. From this webinar, I’ve learned that reengineering the decision making process helps turn the process into a competitive differentiator between organizations.
    • Decisions are getting more and more complex and complicated. When making a decision, businesses should focus on this decision making process:
      • Figure out the outcomes of the decision.
      • How are the decision and its outcomes related to business strategies and goals?
      • What is the impact of the decision?
    • Data and analytics are all about decision making. Capture the data, interpret the data, design a model based on the data, resolve or select an alternative action, and then act on the decision.
  4. This webinar relates to my web service programming course, as we are currently creating a website that collects user data. The decision making process talked about in the webinar can help with how we setup the website and how we will decide to organize the data that is being collected.
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