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Webinar, How to Manage the Portfolio Delivery

  1. Webinar hosted by NetCom, presented by Keith Wilson
  2. Online webinar on March 28, 2023, 1:00 – 1:40 PM
  3. When creating a portfolio, we need keep it simple and eliminate the non-value business items, like unnecessary documentation. You also don’t want to take on too many projects, focus on one thing at a time so things aren’t partially finished or still in progress before moving onto the next project. One way to manage the delivery of portfolios is by using Kanban boards. Kanban boards are used to provide a visualization of the delivery (using concepts of to do, doing, and done) of a project and limit the work in progress. A new task should only be started when the previous work is done or taken over by another team member downstream. The visualization of the board can help with efficiency becasue if we can see the board, we can measure, manage, and improve the process. Every two weeks, you should also use retrospective for continual improvement, like asking yourself what you need to do next. The Kanban board creates a Kaizen culture, which allows team members to take initiative to do the right thing, based off of what they see that needs to be done on their part, so other team members can complete their part of the project. It’s important to understand the process and efficiency of delivering the portfolio to create a successful portfolio.
  4. This webinar was very helpful and informative when it comes to project management. I can use the idea of Kanban boards to manage my coursework, as well as in my future personal projects and careers. The Kanban board can help me figure out what needs to be done, what I currently am working on (and what my potential team is working on), and what has already been done. The webinar showed me that this can be a great way to get things done efficiently, especially when it comes to working on a team.
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