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  1. Associate Consultant – Optimize Consulting Group
  2. Worked on an engagement team with a nonprofit client where we provided technology consulting. Met multiple times with leaders in Called to Serve CDC and had business discussions about their vision and how OCG could provide solutions. Built a WordPress website from scratch for them.
  3. Engagement team for Called to Serve CDC where we built a WordPress website that fits their organization’s vision.
  4. I learned how to interact with business clients and develop strong business relationships with them. Using those client relations skills, I was able to understand the client’s vision and how we could create a website that fit their needs and apply the technical skills I have learned through the MIS program. These skills are particularly important as I am now the Principal Consultant of the group and I hope to have a job in Management Consulting after graduation.
  5. Worked on an engagement team for a nonprofit client and delivered technology consulting in the form of creating a WordPress website for the client.
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