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MIS Major Courses

  • Digital Systems (MIS2101)
    • In this course, I learned the importance of technology in a business environment, along with its implementation, using software programs and coding, such as JavaScript and Salesforce, to build and function a platform for businesses
  • Data and Analytics (MIS2402)
    • I learned about designing database systems and discovering trends in analytical data using data mining techniques. I also learned how to use ETL functions for data sourcing. This class sparked my interest in data analytics and applied real-world tools such as SQL and R
  • Web Application and Development (MIS2402)
    • This class taught me how to create web-based applications that integrate web-based services and execute business processes. I mainly learned coding in Javascript, CSS, and HTML. My base skills in loops, conditional statements, arrays, and developing API calls were also developed in this course
  • Data Science (MIS0855)
    • This course taught me how to store, organize and analyze to interpret and visually present data better. This class allowed me to participate in many projects, for example, my team’s final project where the effect of the covid-19 vaccine on Pennsylvania was studied, here’s an example analysis from the project
    • This histogram highlights the number of vaccinations in Pennsylvania from December 1, 2020, to April 1, 2022, each color represents whether it is a fully covered, partially covered, or boosted vaccination 
  • Lead Global Digital Projects (MIS3535)
    • In this course, I learned how to use the SCRUM framework to create digital products for clients. My team and I developed a website with updated and modern features for our client, The Reflect Organization, on WordPress. My role was to link their social media accounts along with their contact information to the website to make contacting them easy. I also worked on the graphics and look of the overall site to be inclusive and welcoming to their clients


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