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Management Information Systems

  • Honors Information Systems in Organizations
  • Enterprise IT Architecture
    • Assessed information technology such as computer hardware, software, systems, and networking
    • Worked with Amazon Web Service’s Cloud Computing
  • Web Service Programming
    • Created and deployd a complete, end-to-end web-based application
    • Designed and built complex RESTful APIs
    • Created single-page applications that consume and integrate multiple APIs to create a seamless user experience
  • Digital Solutions Studio
    • Utilized design frameworks and structured techniques for creating innovative solutions and optimizing user experience
  • Data-Centric Application Development
    • Became proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS
    • Familiarized myself with designing interactive web pages
  • Data Analytics
    • Learned SQL and other database structures to extract data
  • Lead Global Digital Projects

IT Auditing and Cyber Security – Master’s Degree Program

  • System & Infrastructure Lifecycle Management
    • Examined how an organization builds an enterprise architecture within an environment of internal control
    • Covered information system planning, management and usage, the development, acquisition and maintenance of these technologies and their impact on the organization’s business processes
  • Protection of Information Assets
    • Learned the importance of managing the information assets of the organization including logical IT security, physical, and environmental security
    • Discussed disaster recovery and mitigating risk through insurance are also discussed
  • IT Governance
    • Discussed how strategic planning is performed within IT organizations


  • Honors Program Design and Abstraction
    • Familiarized myself with Java
  • Computer Systems and Low-Level Programming
    • Learned how to operate a Linux System
    • Familiarized myself with C
  • Data Structures
    • Gained further experience with Java and how to structure high-level codes


  • Honors Financial Management
  • Honors Marketing Management
  • Honors Operations Management
  • Honors Microeconomic Principles
  • Honors Managerial Accounting
  • Honors Business Communications
  • Honors Integrative Business Applications
  • Macroeconomic Principles
  • Financial Accounting
  • Leadership and Organizational Management
  • Professional Development Strategies
  • Risk Management


  • Honors Calculus II
  • Mathematical Concepts in Computing I
  • Computational Probability and Statistics
  • Selected Topics in Statistical Business Analytics


Being in both the Fox School of Business honors program and Temple University’s honors program, I have been exposed to intense, beneficial curricula that will help me thrive in a professional business environment. The knowledge I gained from the additional mathematics and programming courses I have completed allow me to succeed in my MIS courses with confidence. My goal is to work in programming, application development, and eventually cyber-security. I am certain that these courses have put me on the right track to achieving those goals.


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