Paul Ziegler

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2023


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Allan Myers is the largest heavy civil contractor in the mid atlantic region (PA, MD, DE & VA.) The company also manufacters asphalt and aggregate. At Allan Myers I completed multiple full time internships with the company’s IT department. I was able to start working at the company as I completed a trade school program while in high school that focused on Cisco networking and general IT support.

I started mostly covering IT support at the company’s headquarters in Worcester Pennsylvania. Some tasks included servicing work orders for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office technical issues, Lenovo hardware issues, network printing issues as well as downed job sites supervised through Cisco Meraki. I also managed all recylced computer and network hardware including wiping the equitment and keeping an inventory.

In summer 2019 I along with a team of technicians began a migration of all the company’s mobile devices away from the old Airwatch mobile device management system to Microsoft Intune. This migration working with hundreds of mobile device users in the office and in the field to remove the Airwatch MDM and enroll their iPhones and iPads in the new Intune MDM while insuring that they lose as little essential company data as possible. I consider my experience with mobile device management system to be most important and invaluable as it is a high demand but very niche MIS competency.

For my full time summer internship in 2020 I still covered support at least two days per week, however I spent the majority of my time diagraming security/access levels for the company’s new CMIC R12 database. I diagramed these security levels through Microsoft Power BI. I also created and implemented a plan to overhaul the IT department’s technical solutions database in BMC Track-IT. This included removing all legacy and outdated solutions, as well as reorganizing the structure of the database so that technicians could more quickly comb the tree view. I also optimized the search function to focus on key-words in each solution.

In spring 2021, I shifted back to support full time from early december 2020 to the end of April. During this five months period, the company rolled out the new CMIC R12 database created a large influx of technical issues. I managed these technical issues by either solving them on call or escalating them up to the CMIC team. I also continued to provide support for the company’s mobile devices now all enrolled in Intune.

My Data Analytics course helped me to better understand the structure of data-bases. This knowledge imrpoved my ability to troubleshoot issues from the new CMIC R12 database. My UX Design course improved my ability to remotely walk users through solving technical issues as did my first MIS class, Digital Systems. The Cloud Architecture course I took this semester should also help me going forward, as Allan Myers utilizes Amazon Web Services to store data.

On a technical level, what applications am I competent with?:
– Microsoft Office
– Microsoft Power BI
-Microsoft Teams
– Airwatch and Intune Mobile Device Management
– BMC Track-It support tool
– Cisco Meraki

Professional Achievements

    • Bonus Assignment (Optional): One page write-upFall 2020

    • Research two current topics on cloud computingSpring 2021

    • Fall 2020 adjustmentFall 2020

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