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MIS Major Courses

MIS 2901: Honors Information Systems in Organizations
MIS 2402: Web Application Development
MIS 2502: Data and Analytics
MIS 3406: Cloud Architecture
MIS 3506: User Experience Design

Accounting Major Courses

ACCT 2901: Honors Financial Accounting
ACCT 2521: Cost Accounting
ACCT 3511: Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT 3512: Intermediate Accounting II

Other Relevant Courses

MATH 1041: Calculus I
MATH 1042: Calculus II
ECON 1101: Macroeconomic Principles
ECON 1102: Microeconomic Principles
STAT 2101: Statistical Methods and Concepts
HRM 1901: Honors Leadership and Organizational Management
LGLS 1901: Honors Legal Environment of Business
RMI 2101: Introduction to Risk Management
BA 2101: Professional Development Strategies
STAT 2104: Selected Topics in Statistical Business Analytics
MKTG 2901: Honors Marketing Management
BA 2996: Honors Business Communications

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