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Lien Resolution Specialist at Jared Zafran Law, LLC (August 2020 – June 2021)

When I came into this role in August, I was faced with many challenges that included months of backed up requests and a process lacking any formalities and efficiency, made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I combined my prior knowledge of the law with what I learned about business and technology at Temple and made the process more efficient, thus clearing the way for me to solve the problems quickly. 

  1. The first thing I did was write down and layout the lien procedures. This is so everyone in the firm and future employees will understand the process. It promotes transparency and assigns responsibilities.
  2. Then I automated the lien request form using Zoho Forms, replacing the paper request form with an online one. Whenever someone fills it out, it automatically loads into a spreadsheet. This not only saves paper, which reduces costs and is more sustainable, but it creates a manageable to-do task list for me.
  3. I have also automated letters by creating Word templates and integrating them with our CRM, MyCase, to automatically fill in the fields. This allows me to work quickly and get more lien requests done. 
  4. I utilized other technologies to make my job easier such as creating Word templates with content controls, using Adobe Acrobat to electronically fill in signatures and forms, establishing spreadsheets to store contact information, and lastly, sharing all my technology tips with the rest of my coworkers so they too can have a more efficient and productive process.

File Clerk at Jared Zafran Law, LLC (July 2019-August 2020)

In my role as a filing clerk, I was responsible for the entire physical filing system of 1000+ clients. This included knowing the whereabouts of files throughout the office, maintaining an organized and alphabetical system, keeping files up to date with incoming papers, acquiring knowledge of the legal process and office functions, how to read legal papers, and more. The job involved scanning, copying, cross-referencing, and . . . papercuts. A lot of them.

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