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Coursework at Temple University

     Fall Semester 2021

  • Stat 1001 – Helped me to brush up on my algebra skills and prepare me for further stat courses.
  • Stat 2104 – Learned to use StatCrunch and Excel for calculating statistics such as T-tests, F-Tests, P values, and confidence intervals.
  • MIS 2101 – First class I ever took in Management Information Systems; learned how to structure a website using HTML as well as create user interaction with JavaScript at a basic level.
  • Econ 1101 – Learned about market trends, supply and demand, and globalization through the analysis of graphs
  • IH 1 – Read several texts from ancient societies and furthered my perspective of the world
  • HRM 1101 – Leadership is a huge topic covered in this course; I learned how to apply leadership skills in the workplace as well as get into an entrepreneurial mindset.

Spring Semester 2022 (In Progress):

  • MIS 2402 – Web Application Development
  • MIS 2502 – Data and Analytics
  • Stat 1102
  • Econ 1102
  • AAAS 0834 – Race and Diversity
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