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A Chat with Black Professionals in Tech & Cybersecurity

On February 6th of 2024, I attended a panel event where I got to hear three different perspectives from black professionals in cybersecurity. It was interesting to hear how many of them have experienced different treatment due to their skin color, and I want to make sure that I never make someone feel like I am surprised when they \”actually\” do a good job (which is one of the phrases they exclaimed to hear a lot in the workplace). All of the panelists offered great advice as far as working towards your goals despite the setbacks, and one story I really liked was how the one man observed a consultant that was frequently coming into the company, learned the same skills, and was able to save his company money by giving him the work to do rather than the consultant. This event relates to my career goals because I was able to hear lots of stories from others in the industry and learn how to handle certain situations. I enjoyed this panel a lot and I think that lots of great advice was shared!

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