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AWS Discussion by Michael Harris

Sponsoring Org: Eventbrite

Details: This webinar took place on zoom today (1/18) from 12pm – 1pm with the guest speaker Michael Harris.

What I Learned + Relativity to Coursework: Michael gave a detailed overview of AWS, explaining various features such as elastic beanstalk. This is used for businesses to deploy, monitor and scale  applications quickly and easily. AWS also saves businesses lots of money because they do not have to purchase hardware; everything is easily accessible on AWS. Another piece of information I found to be extremely helpful was the career paths that can be taken after learning about how to use AWS. Michael listed examples such as AI/Blockchain, Cloud Architect, Cloud Engineer, and more. I am currently taking Cloud Architecture, so this webinar was a perfect introduction into some of the features I will be using in AWS. The webinar also made me realize the true value of my Cloud Architecture class better; it is awesome to have the opportunity to learn about something so interesting yet difficult to understand in a classroom rather than as a certification. I plan on putting my all into this class because I think having these cloud architecture skills could give me a serious advantage when looking for jobs and internships!

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