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Data Science  –  This course explores a variety of data and how it is used. Data Science conveys the way data is stored, analyzed, and the power of data. This course explores the use of data through software like Excel and Tableau and learning how to make alluring data visualizations. 

Data Analytics – I learned skills in MySQL and RStudio. I also learned how to analyze raw data and extract information from transactional databases. 

Data-Centric Development – I developed skills for creating web-based applications while using Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML. 

Enterprise IT Architecture – In this class we utilized AWS to build and deploy web based API that connected to an SQL database containing tolls for PA turnpike. 

Digital Solutions Studio – My favorite class as an MIS student since I learned how to describe, scope, and build a complete user experience. I built an innovative and pleasurable user interface using WordPress and running usability tests throughout the semester.




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