Sharbel Semaan

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


MIS Badge

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Completed Courses

Spring 2018

  • MIS 2101 (Information Systems in Organizations)– This class was what drew me in to declare as an MIS major. I learned how IT played a big role in businesses. It explained how MIS was used for all aspects of a company, whether it was customer relations, e-commerce, account, or business analytics and how it brought every aspect of a company together to work more efficiently.

Spring 2019

  • MIS 2502 (Data Analytics)- In the class I was able to learn how to analyze, model, and design database centric solutions for organizations. Using SQL I learned how to operate and manage a database system and structured query language. This class sparked my interest even more in Data Analytics. While taking this class, I would continuously imagine myself using the knowledge I gained and my knowledge of sports to work on sports analytics to help improve a team.


Current Courses

Fall 2019

  • MIS 2402 (Data-Centric Application Development)
  • MIS  3506 (Digital Solutions Studio)


Projected Courses

Spring 2020

  • MIS 3406 (Enterprise IT Architecture)
  • MIS 3535 (Lead Global Digital Projects)

Professional Achievements

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