Sharbel Semaan

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2021


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I am a United States Navy veteran. During my time in the Navy, I travelled to over 10 countries in the world where I learned to interact and communicate with my different cultural people. My main responsibilities were to find, track , and report non-friendly submarines using both passive and active sonar. I was responsible for the safety of multi-million dollar equipment but most importantly the safety and moral of 20 of my sailors. I was in charge of conducting pre-mission planning to ensure the most efficient and success deployment possible followed by my post mission briefing to go over any mistakes that were made by my crew or our upper chain of command so that we can learn and move forward knowing that we will not repeat those wrongs. My leadership and communication skills assisted me in leading many different sailor both younger and older than me and from all over the country. I used those skills and knowledge to help motivate my sailors, and teach them how to do their job in a way that they personally could understand. I intend to carry forward everything I learned in the military, and use it in the civilian world. Many people ask me if I was able to go back and decide whether to join again or not? I reply to them all with the same answer, of course I would. The military changed me to be a stronger and better man, and because of it and the things I learned I know without a doubt that I will be more then successful at achieving all my goals and assisting those around me to achieve theirs.

Professional Achievements

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