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My love for technology began through my first game console, iPod, cell-phone, computer, etc. Even at a young age, I enjoyed customizing the layout and appearance of my iPod, cell-phone or computer. Before Facebook gained popularity, I remember writing simple HTML to enhance my Xanga or MySpace page. I loved exploring what you could customize, and it really captured my attention, spending hours tweaking and changing the look. I began to learn more and more about computers and the technology and information around me as I grew up.

At Temple University, I found out how great the Management Information Systems department was and I figured if I were to pursue a career in business, it may as well be centered in something that fascinates me like information technology. I think it’s crucial to understand how key business processes can be supported and optimized using technology, or how IT drives innovation.

I hope to soon find an internship enabling me to collaborate with my peers to explore technology and information systems and their endless business applications, because you NEVER stop learning. I can’t wait to bring my insights to the table and develop strong rapport with peers and colleagues around me to innovate the world around us!

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