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Information Systems in Organizations

In Information Systems in Organizations (MIS 2102), I am learning the basics of MIS and how information is processed in businesses. I learned how to create design databases using a CRM, Salesforce, a tool used by most of the biggest companies.

In this class I still want to learn JavaScript. I think JavaScript is a very important part for websites as it makes them more interactive and personalized for each user.

Quantitative Methods for Business II

Statistics has been a subject I have enjoyed studying since high school. I have the opportunity to learn this concepts again and apply them into business real-life problems.

In this stat (STAT 1102) course at Temple University, I am receiving crucial Excel experience, which provides me with foundations of data analytics. I think this skills will be very valuable for the future.

Leadership and Organizational Management

HRM 1101 is one of my favorite courses at Temple University. It offers invaluable lessons that help you for life. From learning about how to prepare yourself for an interview, to managing people and how to treat employees.

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