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HackMIT 2020

  1. Name of sponsoring organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (HackMIT)
  2. Details of the activity: HackMIT is a weekend-long event (September 18-20, 2020) where thousands of students from around the world come together to work on cool new software and/or hardware projects. Websites and mobile apps are common types of “hacks”, but we are allowed to build anything.
  3. What I learned: I was able to use some of my JavaScript skills which I learned in my MIS 2101 class. I went to the beginner workshop which helped me understand how to use Javascript to make the website interactive, instead of just getting alerts on the website. Our project was for the “Education Track” of HackMIT. We managed to create a website that sent alerts to students every 5 minutes to keep them focused on the screen while they took their classes. Although my team and I didn’t win, I greatly value this experience as it helped me connect to other great people in the industry.
  4. How the activity relates to coursework or my career goals: I believe practicing my coding skills will greatly help me with my career goals. I’m still new to coding, but my team and I were able to come up with a website that, while very basic, it managed to do what we intended.
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