Frank Tkachenko

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2018


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Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about me!

I chose Management Information Systems as my major as I love the subject matter and have a passion for technology. One one of my biggest interests is social media marketing, and I’d be happy to enter a field where I can gain valuable experience in this space. I’m a firm believer in the digitization of business and I see the value in the transition to the web. Having the capability to reach millions of clients thought the internet is something that is changing the way we do business, and I’m hopeful to enter a field where I can play a part in this.

I’m originally from Bucks County, PA though both of my parents are immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Wanting to make my family proud of my accomplishments and ensure the sacrifices they’ve made for me is my #1 motivation. I love to keep up-to-date with technology trends, especially things like Virtual and Augmented Reality. I think the potential in these two technological fields is monumental for both the business and commercial sectors.

I have a lot of experience with social media, including having created my own niche Instagram page and affiliate website. These two side projects have been incredibly successful, and have led to more opportunities like a part-time job as a content writer for a watch blog, and a full-time digital marketing internship for the summer of 2017. Some of my strong suits are data analysis, social media content and marketing strategies, and search engine optimization.

Professional Achievements

    • Class project Spring 2017

    • Assist at a department sponsored eventSpring 2018

    • Fox IT Career FairFall 2016, Fall 2017

    • Other Career FairSpring 2017, Fall 2017

    • IBIT/CDI Challenge or ConferenceFall 2016

    • Active AIS memberSpring 2017

    • AIS committee memberFall 2016, Spring 2017

    • Fox IT AwardsSpring 2017, Spring 2018

    • AIS professional development workshopFall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017

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