Thomas Mancuso

Major: BBA Accounting


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HeWelcome pagello, my name is Thomas Mancuso III and I would like to thank you for visiting my E-Portfolio. Currently I am a sophomore at Temple University and am an Accounting major. In the future I wish to pursue a minor in MIS.Since computers have become a very large part of the accounting field, I feel that by having a minor in MIS would give me a competitive advantage in not only my job but also my life.  I plan on graduating from the Fox School of Business and that is set to take place Spring 2015. Some interests of mine include sports and cooking, which I feel have taught me some important lessons in life. Sports have taught me how to work with a team to achieve one common goal which is an important quality to have in the business world. While cooking allows you to be creative with some dishes and also following directions with other dishes. Thank you again for visiting my E-Portfolio and feel free to browse.

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