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Office Assistant Intern: Technology and Engagement

The experiences I’ve had during my time at the City Hall directly relate to my major in Management Information Systems and Marketing. I collaborated with constituent service representative from the Councilman’s Office to bring technology solutions into non-profit initiatives such as Alianza Latina and Latin American Book Fair celebrated during the Hispanic Heritage month, while demonstrating my ability to blend technology with community engagement. Using graphic design tools like Adobe Illustrator and Canva, I effectively drove digital engagement for cultural events in Philadelphia, showing my proficiency in visual content creation and effective marketing. Furthermore, developing a user-friendly website for using underscored my expertise in optimizing online platforms, aligning perfectly with the importance of a strong online presence in today’s business landscape. These experiences have equipped me with the  skills needed to navigate the intersection of technology, creativity, and management, setting a strong foundation for my Management Information System and Marketing majors.

Examples of Projects:

Alianza Latina

During my internship, I had the opportunity to work on a significant project that allowed me to make a meaningful impact. I took on the responsibility of creating the website of a new non-profit organization Alianza Latina, utilizing the platform. This task helped me epand my web development skills while also optimizing Alianza Latina’s online presence. In addition, I played a crucial role in event coordination by contacting vendors who participated in our inaugural Alianza Latina event. I also actively participated in meetings, contributing to the planning and logistics of the event, ensuring it ran smoothly. As part of our promotional efforts, I even filmed an advertising video, which was promoted by the city hall, to encourage people to attend the event. These accomplishments not only demonstrated my ability to leverage technology for marketing purposes but also highlighted my organizational and creative skills.

2nd Annual Latin Book Fair

I was involved in the planning and execution of the 2nd Annual Latin Book Fair, where I took on various responsibilities to ensure its success. One of my key contributions was contacting authors and securing their participation in the event, this involved effective communication, coordination, and attention to detail. Additionally, I played a crucial role in creating charts and visual aids that helped organize the layout and flow of the book fair, making it more accessible and engaging for attendees. My efforts not only contributed to the smooth operation of the book fair but also helped enhance its overall appeal and success.


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