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AWS Researcher


1. With such job experience, I held the position of an AWS Researcher Intern. Contained under this position, I was often given tasks that involved anything related to migrating on-premise resources into the cloud. This often included database/on-premise server migration, engaging with the ETL process for all incoming datasets, and assisting extra-departmental colleagues with provisioning their needed resources within the cloud (EC2/IAM Configuration).

2. One project; in specific, that I was tasked with involved that of learning/generating a python script that could fetch temporary AWS credentials for a given user, leverage an API with such credentials, and ultimately pull down a specified dataset that is being stored within a given bucket in S3 – all in one single script. Another project that I was tasked with included engaging a 4.2TB ‘raw’ dataset with the ETL process, such that the lead economists in my organization could make analytical use of the data. This included generating a relational schema, pulling the dataset into AWS Glue (for processing), and benchmarking the database within AWS Athena. One final project that I was tasked with included provisioning several EC2’s, and ultimately configuring such instances within IAM so that the user’s AWS account is in compliance with the ‘principle of least privilege’.

3. Ultimately, I’ve managed quite a bit during the entire duration of my internship with the Bank. I learned how to program within a different programming language (Python), learned the foundations of IAM policies/roles, and generally learned how the significance of cloud computing within the modern era. Such internship was of extreme relevance to some of the many things I’ve learned within the major as — many things that were learned — either came up during a project, or were just foundational knowledge that were quite crucial to the project at hand.

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