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Fox 2020 Fall Connection

  1. Fox CSPD Fall Connection
  2. The fair was offered in Fall 2020, on September 18, 2020.
  3. The event was sponsored through CSPD.
  4. The Fall Connection was held entirely virtually through the Handshake platform. There, employers had the chance of meeting with students in either small groups, or one on one.
  5. From attending such event, I learned quite a bit on how to interact with potential employers all whilst learning the ropes on how to attend such networking/internship fairs. If the Fall Connection taught me one thing, it would be to always ask questions and stay as engaged as possible with employers. In addition to this, I learned that it is of utmost importance to have always have a clean, polished copy of your resume so that you can potential ensure employers have a copy.
  6. Attendance in this activity relates to my coursework/professional goals given that it literally was a networking fair that allowed me a chance to communicate and come out of my shell with several employers about the types of internships and programs they are offering. Many employers who I talked to today might have been within other business fields, however, one of them was tech-related thus attempting to network with such company was a smart choice given that I am in a technical-heavy major.
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