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Black Wings Hack 2024

I participated in a virtual hackathon that was open to all college women in tech and it was sponsored by various companies such as Capital One, Bank of America, Duolingo, Reddit, and many more. I entered the hackathon with a team of three other women and our team name was ByteBites. In the team, my role was a designer and we split our team into pairs; one pair worked on the website and the other pair worked on creating the phone version of our idea. We created a website and the phone version of our idea called Career Cupid which offered opportunities to DEI affiliates (e.g. women, first-gen, non-binary) to connect with various professionals across the world.

Through the process, I learned that with the deadline and short amount of time we had that it is better to manage my time more wisely and to split up the tasks as soon as we received our assignment so we can utilize the time and be more efficient in handing in the deliverable.


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