Alexander Reichart-Anderson

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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TMNA Services, LLC. (TMNAS) was established in 2012 to support their parent company Tokio Marine North America, Inc. (TMNA).  TMNA, the parent company, is an insurance group holding of Philadelphia Insurance, First Insurance Company of Hawaii (FICOH), and Delphi Financial Group.  TMNAS supplies the IT, Finance, Actuarial, accounting, HR, etc. to those three insurance companies.  In 2018, TMNAS was awarded the 11th best large organization to work at in PA — this was a jump from 21st in 2017!  TMNAS is located in Bala Cynwyd, PA.

Through the duration of my internship, I worked in the IT Finance Department as the IT Finance Intern.  The role of this department is to support the entire 200+ employees in the IT department.  I utilized SAP Business Client, SAP Concur, and other TMNAS  enterprise softwares and systems.  It was through these tools that I completed my daily tasks.  Some of my daily tasks included communication with suppliers (CDW, Microsoft, and Birlasoft), approving/budgeting project requests, and working with the TMNAS resource\’s and purchases procurement process.

The first project I worked on dealt with altering SAP Net Weaver Business Client functions and preferences.  This project arose as a result of data not integrating to other users of the system. I had to reach out to the IT, accounting, financial reporting, and internal audit departments/individuals and set up a collaborative meeting. It was through this meeting that the IT team could see the issues we were having, and make the required changes.

The second project that I worked on would be recurring monthly.  This project dealt with inter-department reporting.  Inter-department reporting is a critical task at TMNAS. I would pull numeric values from IT Finance, Accounting, and the Financial Reporting teams and make the desired report.  This report would be sent and seen by my managers to the CFO.  These reports helped TMNAS monitor their spending on both resources and value additive purchases.  This report would be compared to the approved year long budget, to ensure the companies spending is within the approved standards.

The first aspect that I learned, was how to adapt and utilize industry specific software.  On my first day, I was exposed to softwares and platforms I had never used before.  From then on, I was challenged to learn and become proficient in the uses and functions of said tools.  In Data Analytics and Data Centric Application Development I was challenged to learn new softwares and platforms just like at TMNAS.  Even though the softwares were different, the same \”adapt and overcome\” mindset was in place.

The second tool that I acquired over the summer was a certain aspect of IT Management — from a departmental perspective.  My role as the IT Finance intern allowed my to see the business through two lenses: the IT and Finance/Accounting perspective.  I worked with IT professionals everyday to ensure that our systems work working properly on my end and integrating data to other users.  However, I was also tasked with viewing contractors timecards, approving hardware purchases, and budgeting current and future projects.  This was a valuable takeaway because it\’s hard to teach that side of IT Management — you have to live it!

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