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Cloud-Based Analytics

Cloud-Based Analytics systems are becoming more and more active in the professional sphere.  At the inception of cloud applications, many feared the availability and security of the cloud and the information on it.  However, as technology and nearly all business processes are conducted online and through technology, managers, CIO’s, and savvy business leaders are opening up to the use of public and private clouds based computing systems.

The use of cloud-based technologies relates to the curriculum taught and learned in one of my core courses, MIS 2502 Data Analytics taught by Professor Jing Gong.  The course is centered around the gathering, sorting, retrieving, and interpreting the various types of information that many businesses collect every day during business transactions.  Cloud based analytics relates most to the Advanced Analytics and Data Modeling topics.  With cloud based analytics, the primary difference is the availability, ease, and lack of physical hardware needed to complete the same tasks.  For example, the use of R and R studio (completed during the course) could be done on a cloud based application rather than saved on a server.

In the real world, there are many available cloud based analytics platforms. One of these is IBM Bluemix, a cloud based platform developed by IBM.  Bluemix Is used by companies to quickly and accurately create applications that can scale to millions of users.  Bluemix, in addition to its overall cloud accessibility, has other tools like Cloudant and Dataworks which allow developers to store and integrate their data into the functions of their applications. (IBM Think Academy)



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