MS in IT Auditing and Cyber Security tuition for courses and fees can be found in the Temple University Bulletin under the Fox School of Business and Management  – Master of Science in IT Auditing and Cyber Security.  The per credit hour rate is $1,114 per credit. Each ITACS Master of Science degree student’s tuition includes:

  • MS ITACS orientation
  • Instructional costs for the courses
  • One ISACA membership and one registration fee for the CISA exam for IT Audit track students
  • One ISC2 registration fee for the CISSP exam for Cyber Security track students
  • Networking programs with recruiters from prospective employers

Updated tuition costs and other University-related program fees for the current academic year can be found by visiting the Bursar Office website. Please note that tuition and University fees are subject to change for each entering class in future academic years.

Indirect Expenses

Indirect (personal) expenses vary from student to student, depending on the choice of accommodations, individual lifestyle and educational materials including personal computer. In addition to the annual tuition and program fee for the program, students may expect to pay $1,250 to $1,750 or greater per month. The estimate is based on student feedback, is subject to change, and will generally include the following expenses:

  • Housing (for more information see Housing, Neighborhoods and Cost of Living )
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Personal Travel
  • Miscellaneous personal living expenses

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Fox School of Business recognizes outstanding educational achievement through awarding tuition scholarships.  These awards are based on merit which includes overall GPA and GMAT/GRE scores, where applicable. Students being considered for merit-based scholarships do not need to complete additional forms or submit additional application essays or recommendations.


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