ITACS Student Job Placements

See all of the great companies that our recent graduates and current students are now working for & what they have to say about how ITACS prepared them for the workforce!

Jeffrey_AltomareJeffrey Altomare
Senior IT Auditor
Wells Fargo
Class of 2013“The ITACS program has provided me with great knowledge on the overall idea of IT Auditing and helped me succeed in passing the CISA exam. “
GSwensonGregory SwensonJefferson University and Hospitals
Security Analyst II
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Class of 2015 “ITACS laid the groundwork and provided fundamental knowledge about audit and security, preparing me to take on a role in health information security.”
Nish_PatelNish PatelJP Morgan Chase
Information Risk Analyst
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Class of 2013“ITACS was a perfect blend of management and technical courses and also helped me prepare well and clear the CISA thoroughly.”
Megan_StephensMegan StephensQVC
Internal IT Auditor
Class of 2014“ITACS helped me prepare not only for the CISA exam but helped me find the right company and industry to use my skills in that would keep me interested.”
TolulopeTolulope Folasade OkeDeloitte
Class of 2014“ITACS has helped cement my prior experience in the IT Auditing field, and has also given me the required foundation for an international exposure both in this area and in the field of Cyber Security as a whole.”
Abdul-AzizAbdul Aziz D. KoneM_S
AppTech IT Auditor
Morgan Stanley
Class of 2014“ITACS adjunct professors who are experts in their fields effectively bring IT Audit theory and practice which greatly contributed to my brilliant success in the program, achieving the CISA certification, and receiving the 2013 Morgan Stanley Audit Director Award during my first year in the firm.”
BijanBijan BarikbinMG_Logo_PMS_COLOR
Risk Advisory
Class of 2014“ITACS helped me prepare for my job because it got into more detail about business technology risk than my undergraduate studies did. I was able to understand business risks and their relation to technology better through my ITACS classes, and was able to apply them in context during my job interviews.”


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