Kin San Lee

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: August 2017


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Data Analytics – Spring 2016

In this course, I was able to learn about data and how to analyze it. In the class I was able to gain SQL,R, and Excel skills. The class has taught me a lot about relationships between data and how to mange them in R. This plays a big part to my career interest because I would love to understand more how we can manage data and what were the relationship between them. Also, this course prepared me to be more salient on important and non-important data. In addition, I love this class because it gave me insight on how an analyst would approach his or her job.

Data Centric Application Development – Fall 2016

This was the most interesting course for me because I have coding experience. I loved the way this course is set up for us to learn HTML and PHP coding. Mostly, the SQL skills I learned in my Data analytics class was a connection to this course. I have enhanced my SQL skills in this course. This is a good experience for me because this could prepare me to understand the basic concepts of coding and how SQL works together with web coding. Also, this gives me skills for my interest on web developer. It will prepare me on how to maintain a website and edit features to it. Overall, this class enlighten me how websites are made.

Project Management– Fall 2016

During my Project management course, I realized that being a project manager mu especially when there is change management. This class gave me experience of being a project manager, working with a team, meeting deadlines, and overall insuring the quality of the project. This allowed me to understand how each part of the project was important to the change. I also needed to be ensure that I was sticking onto the schedule and was able to meet the deliverable. The class gave me a view on different types of documents that project manager would work on, such as: RACI matrix, Project Charter, Risk management plan, communication plan, change management plan, and Close out report. Due to this class, I plan on pursing a Project Manager certificate.

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