Kin San Lee

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: August 2017


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As an intern for IDEATE from Resource for Human Development I learned a lot about the relationship between Access and SharePoint. IDEATE is a small unit within RHD. This unit helps disabled people to help them break their barriers and be able to work as a normal person gaining their own income. IDEATE wanted to gather all the clients data and be able to update them using a form and could be shared to the company’s staff. Fortunately, I spoke with the Unit Director and she approved me to create a database and form in Access and then share it through Sharepoint. This project was to be done a week before the end of my internship, so I started to create and design some data charts and the flow of how to input information in the form. I heard the program was easy to use and I definitely was ahead on the project schedule because of its ease to use. After I have created the tables, inputted attributes and constructed the form, I needed to do some research on how to link the Access with Sharpoint. Through this whole creation process, I was able to learn a little bit more on SQL and data charts for this project. After everything was set in place, I needed to maintain the data and make sure it would not have abnormalities. The project was finished before I ended my internship and the Unit Director was happy with the results.

 Overall I was quite satisfied for my work in IDEATE, and I felt that I helped them minimize their workload and cleaned up their bad data. This internship, helped me learn a new skill which was Access and Sharepoint. This skill could be applied to a future company who uses Access forms and have Sharepoint has content sharing. The internship has also given me a chance to experience a normal work day and how to meet project deadlines.

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