Kin San Lee

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: August 2017


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MIS3504:Wawa delivery prototype

For MIS3504, I was put into a team and we were tasked to create a new solution using a new existing technology. For our project we choose to tackle the problem of being no delivery service for Wawa. We created a prototype, where customers would order through the application and then the food would be delivered to them through the use of drones. Below is the presentation, and the deliverables for the project.

Wawa deliverables

Wawa Presentation

MIS3535: PlayySports

During the MIS3535, I was group up with other students from different section of the class. Our project was to work with a sponsor that owns a website which gives the user the ability to search for basketball courts and rank according to the users comments and logins. This solution would resolve the problems of people trying to search for a better courts and with less people who would cause problems. Below are the Project Charter/Scope summary and the Risk Management documents of the project.


Risk Management

MIS4596: GroupUp Project

For MIS4596, my group was trying to come up a solution for students that are in First and Second years. Currently,Temple students frequently struggle to find like minded students to collaborate and study with, especially in larger lecture hall classes which can consist of hundreds of students and make even the most outgoing,feel isolated. The resolution to this would be our project called GroupUp. This project will enable students to make groups, collaborate and study together based on the common courses, academic strengths and weaknesses, time schedules, and other variables. Below are the Project Charter and the latest Progress Report documents.


Progress Report 

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