Kin San Lee

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: August 2017


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MIS 4596 project is not an easy task, but really gave me a lot of insight. During this project, I have learned and enhanced my team project skills. First, I learned how to assert an issue that was common to most students values and give comments on how to solve this problem. Besides this, I have learned that in order to get attention from our mentors, we were the ones to understand them and give incentives to like our project and get engaged to it. Also, time was the most important variable in this project and I understood that we needed to do some time management and sacrifice some of our personal time in order to fill up some to our project. Especially matching our mentors time, we needed to satisfy his time and also give more flexible time. Finally, the most valuable skill I’ve acquired was that teamwork is important during critical times. My teammates were the ones to give support and also help in some difficulties which get our heads spinning. Overall, I liked my team and I learned that we are not competing with each other or trying to out best each other.

This link is to our project website and project slide under What we do

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