Kin San Lee

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: August 2017


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As an intern for MyBiz consulting, I learned how to communicate to clients and how to create databases and link them to the system using Microsoft Access. I was interning as Business Analyst in the company. MyBiz Consulting is a small business which provides IT solution to start up companies. We meet up with clients and see what are their needs. First, I learned how to communicate with clients about their projects and how to understand their needs so we can focus on the main idea of the project. My supervisor always says that we need to be close to the clients and make sure what they say reflects with the project itself. This marked me for life and I will not forget about it. Besides the communication, I also learned how to create databases in Access and link them to the system. I never used Access before. This is the first time I learned how to create databases and forms so we can link it to the company’s system. In addition, this made me understand the importance of real-time data and the dangers of it. Overall I was quite satisfied for my role at MyBiz Consulting and learned  a lot of different skills.

During the Spring of 2016, I attended IT awards. This event is interesting for a student because it is a great opportunity to not only network with other students, but also network with alumni who are currently workers. I was able to network with my fellow classmates who I usually do not speak to in class, as well as get to know other members of the MIS community. I also was able to talk with the alumni and give them my information so we could connect with each other in LinkedIn. Overall, the IT awards is a great place to see the accomplishments of other individuals and encourage MIS students to keep up their career path. In addition, what I got from attending this event was a better understanding of the MIS community, meeting past and current MIS students, and accomplishments from different professors and alumni.

In Fall 2016, I attended the Fox IT Career Fair. This is a great event for students and is interesting in the eyes of an MIS professional. For students it is interesting, because this is an opportunity for them to network with  different companies and make sure that their name are in the head of the recruiters. On the other hand, for an MIS professional, this event is an opportunity for them to search and connect with prospective students with great talents. What I got from this event was to understand more about the companies and how to talk to people who may be looking to hire.  When I left I was able to gather more experience in communicating with others, and making good impressions to the new companies I have met.

As an intern for IDEATE from Resource for Human Development I learned a lot about the relationship between Access and SharePoint. IDEATE is a small unit within RHD. This unit helps disabled people to help them break their barriers and be able to work as a normal person gaining their own income. IDEATE wanted to gather all the clients data and be able to update them using a form and could be shared to the company’s staff. Fortunately, I spoke with the Unit Director and she approved me to create a database and form in Access and then share it through Sharepoint. This project was to be done a week before the end of my internship, so I started to create and design some data charts and the flow of how to input information in the form. I heard the program was easy to use and I definitely was ahead on the project schedule because of its ease to use. After I have created the tables, inputted attributes and constructed the form, I needed to do some research on how to link the Access with Sharpoint. Through this whole creation process, I was able to learn a little bit more on SQL and data charts for this project. After everything was set in place, I needed to maintain the data and make sure it would not have abnormalities. The project was finished before I ended my internship and the Unit Director was happy with the results.

 Overall I was quite satisfied for my work in IDEATE, and I felt that I helped them minimize their workload and cleaned up their bad data. This internship, helped me learn a new skill which was Access and Sharepoint. This skill could be applied to a future company who uses Access forms and have Sharepoint has content sharing. The internship has also given me a chance to experience a normal work day and how to meet project deadlines.

MIS3504:Wawa delivery prototype

For MIS3504, I was put into a team and we were tasked to create a new solution using a new existing technology. For our project we choose to tackle the problem of being no delivery service for Wawa. We created a prototype, where customers would order through the application and then the food would be delivered to them through the use of drones. Below is the presentation, and the deliverables for the project.

Wawa deliverables

Wawa Presentation

MIS3535: PlayySports

During the MIS3535, I was group up with other students from different section of the class. Our project was to work with a sponsor that owns a website which gives the user the ability to search for basketball courts and rank according to the users comments and logins. This solution would resolve the problems of people trying to search for a better courts and with less people who would cause problems. Below are the Project Charter/Scope summary and the Risk Management documents of the project.


Risk Management

MIS4596: GroupUp Project

For MIS4596, my group was trying to come up a solution for students that are in First and Second years. Currently,Temple students frequently struggle to find like minded students to collaborate and study with, especially in larger lecture hall classes which can consist of hundreds of students and make even the most outgoing,feel isolated. The resolution to this would be our project called GroupUp. This project will enable students to make groups, collaborate and study together based on the common courses, academic strengths and weaknesses, time schedules, and other variables. Below are the Project Charter and the latest Progress Report documents.


Progress Report 

Data Analytics – Spring 2016

In this course, I was able to learn about data and how to analyze it. In the class I was able to gain SQL,R, and Excel skills. The class has taught me a lot about relationships between data and how to mange them in R. This plays a big part to my career interest because I would love to understand more how we can manage data and what were the relationship between them. Also, this course prepared me to be more salient on important and non-important data. In addition, I love this class because it gave me insight on how an analyst would approach his or her job.

Data Centric Application Development – Fall 2016

This was the most interesting course for me because I have coding experience. I loved the way this course is set up for us to learn HTML and PHP coding. Mostly, the SQL skills I learned in my Data analytics class was a connection to this course. I have enhanced my SQL skills in this course. This is a good experience for me because this could prepare me to understand the basic concepts of coding and how SQL works together with web coding. Also, this gives me skills for my interest on web developer. It will prepare me on how to maintain a website and edit features to it. Overall, this class enlighten me how websites are made.

Project Management– Fall 2016

During my Project management course, I realized that being a project manager mu especially when there is change management. This class gave me experience of being a project manager, working with a team, meeting deadlines, and overall insuring the quality of the project. This allowed me to understand how each part of the project was important to the change. I also needed to be ensure that I was sticking onto the schedule and was able to meet the deliverable. The class gave me a view on different types of documents that project manager would work on, such as: RACI matrix, Project Charter, Risk management plan, communication plan, change management plan, and Close out report. Due to this class, I plan on pursing a Project Manager certificate.

MIS 4596 project is not an easy task, but really gave me a lot of insight. During this project, I have learned and enhanced my team project skills. First, I learned how to assert an issue that was common to most students values and give comments on how to solve this problem. Besides this, I have learned that in order to get attention from our mentors, we were the ones to understand them and give incentives to like our project and get engaged to it. Also, time was the most important variable in this project and I understood that we needed to do some time management and sacrifice some of our personal time in order to fill up some to our project. Especially matching our mentors time, we needed to satisfy his time and also give more flexible time. Finally, the most valuable skill I’ve acquired was that teamwork is important during critical times. My teammates were the ones to give support and also help in some difficulties which get our heads spinning. Overall, I liked my team and I learned that we are not competing with each other or trying to out best each other.

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