Full Time internship on Ideate – ID8

During my 2016 Summer semester, I started my full-time internship in ID8 on April. IDEATE (ID8) is an inclusive employment program that utilizes Supported Employment, Motivational interviewing and the Transtheortical Model of Stages of Change as the approaches to supporting individuals in gaining and maintaining employment.  The funding is fee-for-service and originates from the Federal government and is administered through the Department of Public Welfare, State of Pennsylvania. IDEATE has been collecting data since the inception of the program to fulfill its need for data-driven mission making and meeting outcomes.  Data tracks the strengths and challenges of those enrolled and those seeking service, the number earning minimum wage or more, the number engaged in job finding, the number of hours worked and time on the job. I was brought on board to convert IDEATE data collection methods from paper/analog to fully mobile and digital. I created an mobile app based form to keep track data and update it in real time. I utilized skills from MIS 2502 and 3504 in order to manage the data and design the mobile app based form. I used pivot tables and created a prototype of the app to get my supervisors attention. The client data collected and subsequently crunched into a mobile app based has allowed IDEATE a step toward interacting with a potential “funder” in a data-driven way.

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    Fall 2016
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