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Weekly Question #10: Complete by April 23

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on April 23, 2018. Remember, it only needs to be three or four sentences. For these weekly questions, I’m mainly interested in your opinions, not so much particular “facts” from the class!

Here is the question:

Think about a data-driven service that you use regularly (i.e., Blackboard,, Facebook). Imagine you want to store the data for that service in a spreadsheet – what would each row in the spreadsheet represent? What would some of the data columns be?

(For example, stores restaurant reviews. A row would be an individual review, and some columns would be the name of the restaurant, the type of food they serve, the address, the star rating, and the name of the reviewer.)

2 Responses to Weekly Question #10: Complete by April 23

  • For a data-driven service like, data storage would be very complex. If you were to put it in an excel sheet, each row could represent a transaction on their site. Columns would include the product, product description, seller, buyer, price, shipping information, and time of transaction.

  • A data-driven service I use daily would be Instagram. Some of the columns would be name, data, picture type, amount of likes, Amount of followers, Amount of posts, comments, location, tagged people, ect.

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