MIS 2101.702 – Courtney Minich – Fall 2017

Weekly Question #1

Leave your response as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on October 19, 2017. Your response only needs to be about three or four sentences. These weekly questions should reinforce class discussions, readings and show some insight.  

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Here is the question:

Thinking about your current major and career goals, how do you see MIS fitting into your career?  How will an understanding of Management Information Systems enable your success?

28 Responses to Weekly Question #1

  • My career goal is to work in the advisory department of a big 4 accounting firms. MIS fit into my career because as the financial world today is getting more and more automated, firms need help in collecting, managing and analyzing data. My understanding of Management Information System will help me succeed at my job because it will enable me to help my clients with the above goals.

  • Honestly, my advisor helped me get my class schedule together this semester so I had not thought about how this course would fit into my career and really had no understanding of Management Information Systems. After a little research, I can see how this course would easy apply to any business oriented career or major. As a marketing major, communicating information is completely essential. I am looking forward to figuring out more!

  • Hi Everyone. I direct the processing of industry clinical trials from budget and contract negotiations, invoicing for budgeted items to receiving the revenue so I am hopeful that MIS will give me a better understanding of what systems are out there and what the process is when thinking of what data you need. In my field there are different types of systems both inputting and gathering information for certain data captures and it is often frustrating that systems don’t talk to each other because the effort put into data entry is often doubled or tripled. I am hoping this class will shed some light on this issue. My field is changing constantly with technology so this class will benefit me in giving me the knowledge of the technology available.

    I look forward to working with all of you.

  • I am in a unique scenario where I work for a municipality and am currently a captain for a fire department. For the fire department I direct and coordinate firefighters beneath me, ordering of equipment and handle a budget of roughly $100,000 annually. My major is business management, and this class, in my opinion, will help me not only finish my bachelors degree, but help me in my field. For the municipality side of my job we collect data to understand specific things ranging from septic treatment to tax collection. From the fire department side we would use MIS to better collect data relating to fire, fatality, and incident types, as well as money going in and out of the department.

  • Hey Everyone! My name is Madison and I am a business management major here at Fox. After I graduate, my ideal career will be in sales, specifically sales in telecommunications and support systems. I think that having some knowledge in MIS will be very helpful in my career because I want to sell technology, and as a sales person, if you really understand a lot about what it is that you are selling, it is more likely that you will have an easy time with selling it. Considering the world we live in, knowledge of technology is a must, but understanding how to use technology in order to solve day-to-day business problems will set you up for success.

  • Hello everyone. My name is Mayra and this is my first class her at TU. Business Managagement is my major and I currently hold a regional management position over 8 family practices. I;ve only been in this new role 4 months and MIS is a big component. I find that in this role MIS is crucial. I am responsible for budgets, meeting incentive targets, and we house and electronic medical record system. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my day to day tasks without systems in place to gather a lot of the nessesary information and process it so that i can then manage effectively. I am eager to see how this class can be applied to my day to day, and assist me in becoming successful in this new role.

    • Updated response (corrected):
      Hello everyone. My name is Mayra and this is my first class here at TU. Business Management is my major and I currently hold a regional management position over 8 family practices. I’ve only been in this new role 4 months and MIS is a big component. I find that in this role MIS is crucial. I am responsible for budgets, meeting incentive targets, and we house and electronic medical record system. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my day to day tasks without systems in place to gather a lot of the necessary information and process it so that i can then manage effectively. I am eager to see how this class can be applied to my day to day, and assist me in becoming successful in this new role

  • Hey everyone! I am currently a entrepreneurship and innovation management major at the Fox. In the future, I would love to create my own business and I for sure believe that MIS is very helpful because MIS can set up a business for success. After this class I will most likely be taking additional classes that will help with my understanding of MIS as well as hone some skills learned during this semester.

  • I am coming into this course with limited knowledge as to what MIS really is. After reading a couple power points and some articles online I think MIS could have a much greater impact on business operations than I was originally thinking. I think that by taking a good look at how the different processes within a company operate you can gain a better understanding of not only how the business flows but also how to streamline these processes. Initially I was kind of skeptical as to how MIS could fit into my career because I work at a winery and a lot of my job is hands on and not based on technology. But the more I thought about it the more I realized there were still parts of my job, even if not the main parts that involved intercommunication with coworkers and other businesses. I think gaining an understanding of MIS will help our operation run smoother and hopefully lead to more partnerships and sales.

  • Hi all, I am a sophomore and Supply Chain Management at the Fox School of Business. I believe that the value of good operations management in business is to keep it as lean and efficient as possible, and I think that MIS has a great role to play in this aspect, especially in today’s fast-paced information age. For example, keeping up-to-date databases online with important information about products, stock or customers, could greatly enhance the efficiency of promoting sales and marketing efforts. Moreover, more streamlined operations processes enabled by technology could improve teamwork and organizational performance as a whole. It also enables better decision making for top management. That being said, I think I am still new to the subject and still have a lot to learn in this area. I look forward to a fruitful semester together with all of you!

  • I ultimate goal is to work at the Veteran’s Affairs Hospitial for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. I would like to be a Director, someone resposible for making a difference in a Veteran’s life and as a Veteran myself I hope to bring postive change to that organization. I see MIS fitting into my career as helping me better show my employees my vision for the future and where I plan to take the VA. Looking at the different processes that are currently used and finding a more effient way to complete those proesses.

  • I am currently majoring in Risk Management and Insurance. However, I intend on obtaining an advanced degree in Mathematics, and if that is the case I do not believe MIS will fit into my career too much. On the other hand, if I decide to pursue a job in Risk Management, MIS will assist in decision making.An understanding of MIS would make me more marketable when I am searching for a job.

  • I originally started my degree at Temple University in the Mechanical Engineering program. I switched to MIS just this semester, after obtaining an internship at an oil refinery doing IT work. I found myself more interested in the computer side of things than the actual piping and heavy machinery. I switched to MIS to give me a strong foundation in IT work, so that when I graduate with my bachelors I can attend local Union 420’s P6 planning school and become an industrial planner. This type of work is very computer oriented and software heavy, so I expect MIS to help quite a bit.

  • My name is Lance, I am currently an Accounting Major considering a change to Business Management. I currently work in an Enforcement division of a local government agency and anticipate staying here even after obtaining my degree. I believe that MIS will help me use technology to communicate information better to the government which may enable them to improve the public’s standard of living.

  • I am currently majoring in finance and never really knew what MIS was. As I have gone through my other classes at FOX, I’ve learned a few things and how it is becoming more and more important in financial matters. A knowledge of technology and communication is a must in the field I am taking so this class will be important to my success.

  • Hello everyone,

    I am a Sophomore currently double majoring in Marketing and Real Estate, and before watching the videos on MIS I barely knew anything anything about the course. My ending career goal is to be a Commercial Real Estate Broker, and I think that learning MIS will be a great tool for me in the future. I know that while in my career I will be faced with many problems involving clients, and economic issues. MIS will help me solve those problems and create new opportunities with technology. I will be able to take he information that i gather about these issues and use it to my advantage.

  • I think that MIS could help me understand how to combine technology and people. I am very interested in learning about MIS, and I think that it would be beneficial in any business career. In the future I think it will help me to better market to the customer and easily be able to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

  • Being an HRM major I feel as if MIS will be very useful to me in my career. HR professionals are always using new and improving softwares to help manage employees. Learning about MIS will keep me ahead and might even help me provide helpful insight to software developers.

  • Good afternoon,

    My current career is in the banking industry, I have fallen in love with the career and have created many goals. Currently, we are in exciting times at my bank. We are turning to new advantages in MIS to help modernize our branches and staff as well as in many other areas. With taking this class I will be able to strengthen my core skills in this field and bring back more experience to the table. As one of the beginning leaders in my bank, I have noticed that many of the staff is having trouble with these new systems as they have not been trained on implementing the systems. With a stronger understanding with MIS I hope to achieve the same abilities that were discussed in this week’s videos. Looking forward to communicating with the rest of the class!


  • Hello everyone. I think that in today’s society information travels quicker than a decade ago, and thus solutions to different problems may be solved faster. Technological evolution has shaped the way we interact with one another. Thus, MIS becomes a useful link between technology and people, and understating basic concepts provides people with helpful knowledge.

  • I am currently an entrepreneur & innovation management major and in the future I hope to own multiple businesses. I have previously taken an MIS course and I believe that my exposure will be a big help in understanding this course and moving forward in my future. In a world of rapid technological and informational advancement, understanding how to interpret and manage data will prove to be a key part of my future.

  • I am currently a risk management manger. MIS will fit into my major because in order to determine financial risk you will need to use processed data. Management information systems can configure data sets for whatever is being evaluated. For example risk management in the car industry would take data on crashes with particular cars to determine insurance. Understanding how this data is collected and managed would help a risk management major be successful in their field.

  • I think, it is important to know how to understand technology and communication. In order to be a successful HR I need to communicate with my employees. In order to appeal to a lot of people at once I need to understand technology and use it. That’s what makes MIS a well-needed subject

  • My current major is HRM which goes hand in hand with MIS so we can utilize technology to retain, manage and attract recruits and current employees. My career goals are a little more peculiar when it comes to my major. My goal after getting an HRM degree I would like to go to grad school and get an international relations degree with the hopes of going into third world community development. I think learning about MIS will help advance my knowledge of the business world and provide me with the skills necessary to be considered advanced in my career. As an HR student it is a must to be up to date on the technology.

  • Hey class. I am currently a junior in risk management. After graduation I will be working in the insurance industry, specifically business insurance. To adequetly supply a business with insurance you really have to know everything about that business. Utilizing MIS will help me track all of the information about each particular business I insure. A lot of insurance companies are awesome using applications that allow an agent to plug in information and automate a premium, instead of hand calculating. MIS will make my job easier.

  • My current major is Business Administration. As for career, either operations management and/or marketing are the fields of choosing. MIS is a business discipline to develop and leverage the organization’s technology.
    Those are skills integral to a having a thriving marketing and/or management career. MIS can greatly assist me in acquiring the knowledge of the technical aspects of business. Also, understanding MIS allows me to more easily track progress and where alterations and improvements could take place for greater success.

  • My current major is marketing and after graduating I would like to work at a marketing firm as a market research analyst. MIS fits into my career because market research analysts information systems to collect and analyze data of customers and competitors. Gaining an understanding of MIS will give me the advantage of being able to more effectively collect and analyze data.

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