Aleksi Aaltonen

Assistant Professor


Comparing Platform Owners’ Early and Late Entry Into Complementary Markets

Runyu Shi, Aleksi Aaltonen, Ola Henfridsson, and Ram Gopal
MIS Quarterly, 47(4), 1727–1744.

The Performative Production of Trace Data in Knowledge Work

Aleksi Aaltonen, and Marta Stelmaszak
Information Systems Research, Articles in Advance.

Strategizing with Data: Data-based Innovations and Complementarities

Cristina Alaimo, and Aleksi Aaltonen
In C. Cennamo, G. B. Dagnino & F. Zhu (Eds.), Research Handbook on Digital Strategy (pp. 239–254). Edward Elgar.

What Is Missing From Research on Data in Information Systems? Insights From the Inaugural Workshop on Data Research

Aleksi Aaltonen, Cristina Alaimo, Elena Parmiggiani, Marta Stelmaszak, Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa, Jannis Kallinikos, and Eric Monteiro
Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 53, 475–490.

The Making of Data Commodities: Data Analytics as an Embedded Process

Aleksi Aaltonen, Cristina Alaimo, and Jannis Kallinikos
Journal of Management Information Systems, 38(2), 401–429.

Data and Value

Cristina Alaimo, Jannis Kallinikos, and Aleksi Aaltonen
In S. Nambisan, K. Lyytinen & Y. Yoo (Eds.), Handbook of Digital Innovation (pp. 162–178). Edward Elgar.

Cumulative Growth in User-generated Content Production: Evidence from Wikipedia

Aleksi Aaltonen and Stephan Seiler
Management Science, 62(7), 2054–2069.

Building Governance Capability in Online Social Production: Insights from Wikipedia

Aleksi Aaltonen and Giovan Francesco Lanzara
Organization Studies, 36(12), 1649–1673.

Everything Counts in Large Amounts – A Critical Realist Case Study on Data-based Production

Aleksi Aaltonen and Niccoló Tempini
Journal of Information Technology, 29(1), 97–110.

The Ambivalent Ontology of Digital Artifacts

Jannis Kallinikos, Aleksi Aaltonen and Attila Marton
MIS Quarterly, 37(2), 357–370.

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