Austin Heilman

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2019


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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DecsivEdge is a consulting firm that offers both advisory and technology services . I worked at the Newark office which was around 45 people, and I rotated through three different delivery areas while at the company which where Technical Delivery, Functional Delivery and Data Science. My tasks varied depending on where I was in my rotation but included things such as C# development, QA testing , a plethora of BA and PM tasks, and research into the development of a data science platform based in Microsoft Azure. While I can’t disclose many details , for some of my projects I was assigned tickets for additions or alterations to an application, for another project the PM tasked me with the creation of various documentation and participation in client discussions. I gained a wealth of experience this summer while learning a slew of new skills in technical areas such as C#, NoSQL databases, Python, and the administration of various Azure resources such as Azure ML Studio and Azure Databricks which was similar to the classwork I did in Enterprise IT Architecture. While in functional delivery I was able to work hands on with both BA’s and the PM giving me the chance to learn all about the daily tasks of a project manager and business analyst in what felt like a real world extension of the topics covered in the class Lead Global Digital Projects. I was also given the opportunity to have weekly round table discussions with DecisivEdge CEO Navroze Eduljee and President Sukumar Narayanan where I was able to ask questions and learn valuable business lessons from their wealth of industry experience. 

Professional Achievements

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