Alexander J Korjeski

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2017


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MIS2501 (Enterprise IT Architecture)

In this course, I learned about the IT infrastructure of businesses, as well as how to manage said infrastructure. For one portion of the class, we were responsible for researching a technology and writing a precise summary of how it improves a company and what the benefits (savings) are. These ‘Flash Research Papers’ have helped me to build researching and writing skills which will benefit me in my career. Being able to quickly research a technologic topic and then state only the most important business facts are two key skills I have taken away from this class.


Below you will find .pdf samples of my work. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about them!


iTunes Digital Ecosystem Idea


Data Centers and Networking


MIS 4596 (Information Systems Integration)

This capstone class for my major was the most challenging course I have taken at Temple University. This class combines all of the previous MIS courses into a semester-long project of entrepreneurial nature. The project was difficult at times, however using every skill from my previous classes really helped me succeed. There is a strong emphasis on presentations and slide decks, both of which are key skills for any professional. These various slide decks we created throughout the semester were meant as practice for creating our final slide deck to go along with our project.

Below is a link to our project site, I do encourage you to check out the interesting work we did:

Check out VisRecs here!

Our final slide deck can be found here


MIS 2502 (Data Analytics)

During the summer of 2016, I had a full-time internship doing data analysis. I was responsible for using Excel and a Convio database to create several documents every week that which were used in weekly meetings. In this course, we learned about data analysis from multiple points of view and how software can be used to dictate a large body of information. All of my responsibilities for my internship were covered in this MIS course which made adjusting to a new work environment much easier. This course taught me a great deal about how to control large bodies of data and make sense from them.

Professional Achievements

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