Andrew Pischke

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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  1. Job function (e.g., overall role, assigned tasks)
    1. Organize 13 years of extensive excel data into one central database for easy access
    2. Strategically coordinate work excel workbooks into two larger workbooks then give the option to organize by location, product, or sales.
    3. Search and find new companies that fit the customer profile
    4. Created reoccurring email blast using HTML to send to specific companies to remind them of the items the company was selling.
  2. Examples of projects (e.g., list the projects you worked on and what you accomplished)
    1. I created a centralized data base that contained customer’s location, sales, and contact information.
    2. Created an email blast that allowed the company to send product information to customers during select times.
    3. I merged databased into one for the sales team.
  3. What you learned and how it relates to your major (e.g., describe what you learned from this experience in the context of specific courses)
    1. The main thing I learned from this internship was that communication throughout a company is essential. I messed up a couples times and put in wrong data and it threw the entire data base off. I learned that talking to supervisor and getting to know exactly what he wanted is better than just putting in what I thought was correct.
    2. I used my knowledge with salesforce greatly during this internship. When I learned SalesForce in the MIS 2101 course it taught me how specific I needed to be when I was gathering and organizing data.

Professional Achievements

    • Fox IT Career FairFall 2019

    • Other Career FairSpring 2019

    • IBIT small group meeting with industrySpring 2019

    • IBIT/CDI Challenge or ConferenceFall 2018

    • AIS Speaker Series TrackSpring 2019

    • AIS Technical Development TrackSpring 2019

    • AIS Professional Development TrackSpring 2019

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